Control your estates in detail

Centralize the information of the estates in order not to lose important details such as the occupancy certificate, the cadastre number or the energy certificate obtained. Organize them by type and group them into blocks, streets, neighborhoods or any other element to enjoy a global or individualized view.

Extend freely the characteristics you wish to control: square meters, number of rooms, general condition, is it furnished or does it have a terrace? All the information at hand to quickly find the property you are looking for.

All the history of your properties at your disposal: who was the resident? how long and how much was he paying? who has been in charge of the management?

Collect as much information as possible from the tenants

Collect as much information as possible from the tenants

Classify the tenants according to your own criteria. Register their data and identifiers such as ID or NIE and take advantage of document management to attach copies of their documents reducing the paper you use in the office. |

Ensures the correct invoicing of the rents. Tryton allows you to save all bank details, payment methods, control SEPA mandates.

All the information in one click. Find the contracts, receipts or any other related item from the tenant's file.

Enjoy a fluent relationship with tenants by collecting various forms of contact and identifying the language they prefer to use. In addition, with Tryton you can also specify whether they prefer to receive invoices by letter or by email sent from the same ERP.

Simplify and optimize the management of your contracts

Enjoy multiple services in a single contract with their own characteristics: prices, start and ending dates. With a single document you will be able to invoice the rent of the property, the parking lot and even the occasional increases of repairs in the property without losing the historical evolution of prices.

Free time for the accounting department automating the creation of the receipts with the time interval, the amount you want and define if it is necessary the creation of the corresponding invoice. Avoid manual process mistakes and get an accurate view of revenue and billing forecasts. Dedicate the hours of the managers to really productive work.

Don't lose money by ignoring the annual increases, indicate in Tryton the month in which the increase is made and apply the percentage to all contracts at once. The same document contains all the information on the deposit and the guarantee.

Take advantage of the integration with VidSigner to archive digitally signed documents in the ERP with maximum legal guarantee. A modern image and a saving of time, space and paper.

Simplify and optimize the management of your contracts

Create receipts and manage your payment easily and safely

Avoids the time and errors of manual data entry. Create SEPA formatted orders and send them to the bank. Let the workers get on with tasks that add value to your business.

Forget about manual systems and let Tryton do the work. Download the bank movements and the automatic reconciliation system helps you save time by suggesting possible statements.

Enjoy all the advantages of sending receipts and invoices. Send them on paper or by e-mail, according to your customers' preferences. Tryton distinguishes between the two systems and allows documents to be printed or e-mailed in bulk.

Create receipts and manage your payment easily and safely

An efficient control for the collection of unpaid debts

Control and reduce the number of debtors. With Tryton you can not uickly locate receipts and unpaid bills and how many times it has happened to the same tenant. You can also set up dunning procedures and actions to be taken based on the days of delay. It is not the same to claim a troublesome tenant as it is to be careless. Customize the treatment even in claims.

Strictly works with the expenses of the estates

Strictly works with the expenses of the estates

Easily enter invoices and sort them to evaluate your results with analytic accounting. Attach the original to each invoice so that you always have the documentation at your disposal thanks to Tryton's document management.

Have you ever paid a bill twice? Avoid duplicates in supplier invoices. Every time you enter an invoice, Tryton checks whether the same invoice exists for each supplier, reference and date, warning of duplication. Save the added costs that all these errors generate.

Enjoy all the information from your suppliers: classify them according to your own criteria, register their data and control the payment methods and terms, navigate to all the associated information. The same level of information for tenants and suppliers alike is available.

Manage rentals directly or through real estate

Save time by automating processes managed by real estates. Import the necessary information for payments and automatically create the receipt to manage them as if it were a rental managed by yourself.

Provides a simplified application to enter housing expenses. Monitors who is responsible for the management of the estate and by whom.

Analyzes in detail the status and results obtained

Enjoy a control panel tailored to your needs, updated at the moment, always available and crossing data from different sources. Get the results quickly, visually, clearly and concisely to understand and boost your business |

Go into the detail in the result of each estate. With Tryton's analytical accounting you can create multiple cost centers and directly allocate the values of supplier invoices and tenant receipts.

Enjoy an integrated BI to create custom analyses and study the data that interests you. Use the bar, line or pie chart wizard to view the results and quickly get the data using pre-information calculations.

Even if you need more flexibility, Tryton makes it easy to export data to Excel so you can work with the tools you consider most appropriate.

Analyzes in detail the status and results obtained
Optimizes management by integrating accounting into the ERP

Optimizes management by integrating accounting into the ERP

Enjoy the many benefits of integrating your company's accounting into ERP. Tryton incorporates all the necessary tools for a complete, rigorous and efficient accounting management, without the need to transfer data or exit the application.

Avoid surprises with an active control of the treasury. Control the invoices to know at all times the status of your company's wallet.

Save time and reduce mistakes with the accounting of small expenses or recurring movements charged to the bank statement.

Simplify the creation of accounting reports, manage and present the main official forms (303, 340, 347 and 349) and enjoy an ERP adapted for the Immediate Provision of Information (SII).

With a modern, scalable, robust and secure ERP

Enjoy Tryton ERP, a last generation management program, on-line with differentiated user profiles, multi-language and multi-company. With a design thought for the user and in continuous evolution to use the best technologies.

Enjoy a system that grows and adapts to the needs of your company. Take advantage of all ERP functionalities: CRM, task management, claims, websites, etc. or ask us for what you need. We create the ERP you need.

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