Papyrus, the tool that improves your document management.

NaN-tic Mar 11, 2020

As you well know, nowadays it is essential storing and managing documents and invoices of your company.

You are not the only one. Every company finds itself in the situation of maintaining at least, a certain amount of documentation.

And yes, it can become frustrating to spend so much time filing and then not being able to find an invoice which has already been classified. Or using improper office computerization tools. Has this happened to you while managing documents?

In fact, surely, the procedure you follow for filling is the following:

This workflow in the form of a diagram shows the traditional workflow of many companies. And by doing this process we have detected some problems and mistakes that are often fulfilled.

The most common mistakes while we do the traditional workflow process are:

  • Loss of invoices when classifying and filing
  • Errors on the invoice when transcribing it on digital support
  • Unorganized physical archiving
  • Forget to put back the invoices in the archive once used
  • Loss of time and documents in the internal exchange of invoices due to their conformation

In fact even, lots of companies do not do the conformation process because of the time they waste doing it, which may incur costs due to mistakes in invoicing suppliers.
Also, in general the process is slow and inefficient.Would you like to save time on these kind of tasks?

After all, we live in a world where almost no one has time, especially when working. Therefore it is very important to have tools that helps us to improve business management.

We present you bellow, a simpler workflow.
The invoice automatically passes from the email to Tryton without the need of any human intervention. From that moment on, you can analyze the document, extract information or see attachments.

Papyrus allows:

  • Processing files more efficiently and effectiveç
  • Facilitating the workflow
  • Automatically attaching the PDF document to the billed invoice
  • Saving time in order to dedicate for other areas of your business
  • Gaining speed when searching for documents: everyone has access to it and at just one click
  • At a long-term, turning time into more revenue for your business.
  • Facilitating the internal conformation of invoices

It is essential to have document management and storage, and the traditional workflow causes some errors. Papyrus makes the document management system more efficient and effective. The Papyrus tool is applicable to invoices, delivery notes and orders.

If you want more information about Papyrus, feel free to contact us.