Trod y Avia, S.L. supports OpenERP

Albert Cervera i Areny 22 mar. 2010

We're pleased to announce the relase of a large number of new modules for OpenERP available at extra-addons repository.

These modules cover several areas including accounting, stock management and production and have been financed by Trod y Avia, S.L. and developed by NaN. Here's a short description of all published modules:
  • nan_product_sequence: This module adds an automatic sequence to product codes.
  • nan_product_pack: Allows configuring products as a collection of other products. If such a product is added in a sale order, all the products of the pack will be added automatically (when storing the order) as children of the pack product.
  • nan_sale_product_recent: This module adds a new field in sale order lines to allow choosing only the products the partner has ordered sometime in the past. This is useful for companies in which partners tend to ask always the same products but don't know the code or remember the exact model.
  • nan_purchase_product_recent: This module adds a new field in purchase order lines to allow choosing only the products we have ordered to that partner sometime in the past.
  • nan_purchase_order_line: Adds partner and allows searching directly in purchase order lines.
  • nan_partner_risk: This module adds a new button in the partner form to analyze current state of a partner risk. It reports current information regarding amount of debt in invoices, orders, etc. It also modifies the workflow of sale orders by adding a new step when partner's risk is exceeded.
  • nan_partner_risk_insurance: This module adds a new tab in the partner form to introduce risk insurance information.
  • nan_stock_move_filters: This module adds filters to stock moves so only available locations, products and lots are shown in searches, easing the selection of the appropiate ones to the user. This module provides a useful infrastructure for specific filters to be implemented in new modules.
  • nan_quality_control: This module provides a generic infrastructure for quality tests. The idea is that it can be later be reused for doing quality tests in production lots but also in any other areas a company may desire.
  • nan_stock_production_lot_quality_control: This module adds two quality controls to production lots on arrival and after production. The idea is that the first test will be 'Generic' and check for things like correct packaging. The second will be specific to the product in question.
  • nan_mrp_production_merge: This module adds a new wizard that allows merging two or more production orders.
  • nan_mrp_production_split: This module adds a new wizard that allows splitting a production order into two.
  • nan_stock_production_lot_cost: This module adds cost information to production lots.
Apart from these modules, we have to thank Trod y Avia, S.L. for supporting several improvements in modules in openerp-spain repository, as well as the performance improvements we included in Koo 5.0.2.
Note that we haven't published all developed modules yet, so expect more announcements of modules for Trod y Avia, S.L. in the next few weeks!