Koo 5.0 released

Albert Cervera i Areny 16 de nov. 2009

NaN is pleased to announce the release of Koo 5.0.



This release includes several bugfixes found in previous release candidates, some important performance improvements and some smaller features.



Here's some more information about Koo:



Koo is a 100% compatible OpenERP client for KDE. Works on Linux, Windows and Mac.



Features for Users



  • Supports displaying all records in list views (not just the first 80 records), with very good performance. This allows sorting all available records.
  • Fully configurable full text search support allows indexing any information in the system and search for it just like in Google.
  • It can use Pyro which is a stateful faster protocol, specially appropiate when the server is not on a LAN.
  • Performance can be improved with client side view and actions cache.
  • Supports embedding of webpages. Such as google maps view with contact's information.
  • A "Massive Updates" option in the Form menu, makes updating tens or thousands of records a breeze.
  • Configurable features with the 'koo' module allows showing/hiding the toolbar, tabs positions, etc.
  • Supports real time updates, so changes in records by another user can be updated at the moment in all other users watching it. This includes user's notifications which are updated just when new requests arrive.
  • Remembers several view settings on a per users basis. ie. column width in lists and last file location in binary fields.
  • POS mode, provides a virtual keyboard and keypad for touchscreens.
  • Permits viewing multimedia data with an embedded video player. Content may be stored in the database or available through URLs. This is also available under all platforms.
  • Easy keyboard navigation using Alt + Arrows, which allows moving from one field to those nearer.
  • With tab-as-enter mode users can use Enter instead of Tab for jumping from one field to another.
  • Users of the KDE Desktop Environment can take advantage of Nepomuk technology in files extracted from the database server.
  • Expanded entries are kept while moving arround the menu.
  • Export options includes export to Excel under Windows and OpenOffice.org under Linux.
  • Allows opening in a new tab data of relational fields as well as records in a list view. Ctrl+Click opens the tab in the foreground and Ctrl+Shift+Click opens it on the background.
  • Very good performance in relational fields with thousands of records in form views.
  • Several keyboard shortcuts such as F10 for showing field's help.
  • Supports input from barcode readers attached to the serial port.
  • Supports introducing formulas in numeric fields.
  • Direct printing available in Windows, Linux and Mac.


Features for Developers



  • Developed in python (PyQt) with source code under GPLv2 license.
  • Clean and documented API consistent with PyQt style:
    1. With facilities for listening to server events. The same infrastructure used for automatic updates.
    2. KooModel implements a QAbstractItemModel so information from OpenERP can be easily displayed and modified using any standard Qt View such as QTreeView, QListView, QColumnView, etc.
    3. Access to all views, fields widgets, delegates, etc.
    4. Access to all dialogs and other common utilities.
    • Easily extensible by means of new plugins, views, field widgets, field delegates, field search. All those elements can be easily deployed just adding a new directory.
    • It's easy to create new and poweful desktop applications that use the OpenERP server.
    • Can take advantage of Qt style sheets to customize application's look and feel.
    • Most forms and widgets can be modified using QtDesigner.


    Homepage: http://www.NaN-tic.com

    Blog: http://albert-nan.blogspot.com

    Downloads: http://launchpad.net/openobject-client-kde