Alumnos que abren los ojos y el portátil a Tryton y el open source

Marc Redorta 27 mar 2017

The computer students of Jesuïtes El Clot have opened their eyes to open source. NaN-tic has directly collaborated in two activities aimed at promoting interest in computer programming, and more specifically in the open and free technology with which we work.

NaN-tic opened the Technical Information Day held last March 14 at the school venue in Barcelona and which also included speakers of the companies Arduino (robots) and Nexiona (Internet of Things). About 100 students from the technological field attended to Albert Cervera’s speech, focused on explaining the open source and business models behind. NaN-tic’s co-founder explained as well to the audience how a company can be created and boosted just offering a tool that is totally free. Talk ended with a round table where the doubts of the students were resolved.

NaN-tic's collaboration with Jesuïtes El Clot did not end there. Once the eyes opened, it was time to open the notebooks. Thus, during the following week, Albert Cervera gave a masterclass on the architecture of Tryton, the open source ERP on which NaN-tic works. The workshop was aimed at about twenty boys and girls who carry out the degree of development of multiplatform applications and will have, as part of the course, Tryton ERP programming. Albert focused on how to create and modify ERP modules and how to work in an open source collaborative environment.

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