Tryton ERP, the best software to suit your business

After integrating and evaluating other ERPs at NaN-tic we chose Tryton ERP as the perfect tool for our customers. A great open source ERP software that offers the flexibility that we need to adapt it to the companies that want to change the way they work, and they change.

Furthermore, at NaN-tic we've developed hundreds of modules that extend the basic features of the tool bringing it even further. Explore some of its possibilities:

Tryton ERP is a robust, flexible, secure open-source business management software

The value of open-source software is the community of users and companies that evolve it. Tryton is the fruit of years of experience in the development of business management software (ERP). A project born from the union of leading companies in the development of open-source software ERP, in a new community that today brings together hundreds of developers who collaborate and which grows day by day

The Tryton customization you need with NaN-tic

Tryton is a very powerful, modular, extensive business management software, which you will get the most out of if you have an expert team of IT consultants and developers. This is where NaN-tic can make your management tool better than your competition. With NaN-tic you will not only have the team of expert developers and consultants that you need dedicated to your company. In addition, NaN-tic is part of the community that has been making great Tryton since the beginning, developing custom for a wide variety of companies. All in a personalized way. NaN-tic we are experienced and specialized knowledge in Tryton ERP and the opinions of our clients prove it.

Tryton ERP modules

How Tryton ERP is builded?

ERP is a set of modules that integrate with each other depending on the needs of the company. Finance, logistics, production modules ... These modules can be integrated with different blocks at the same time. Accounting, transport, shopping blocks ... The more flexible and customizable the modules, the more adaptable and able to be a choice the blocks can be, and the more optimized and effective the ERP will be for the company. The NaN-tic consulting team analyzes what you need and the developers implement it to suit your business. This is the importance of choosing Tryton ERP which is the best of free code ERP, with NaN-tic cause we are experts specializing in open-source ERP.

Com està construit l'ERP Tryton

An environment secure and always accesible

In addition, the web environment of the Tryton ERP offered by NaN-tic is a secure environment that you can access from wherever you want to work and when you need it. Your data is always with you.

Do you really need an ERP?

In your company can you see the situations this video shows? Maybe you need an ERP or maybe you don't, this five-minute presentation can help you assess it. (Video in Spanish for now)