Agile, flexible production control management adapted to your need in every moment

Tryton allows you to enjoy a global production control of the various production stages of your company, with a quick status view of each of them: applications, drafts, pending, production, etc. With Tryton you can also adapt and organize production management according to your needs.

Find out everything that Tryton can offer to your production management:

Enjoy flexible, dynamic lists of materials without losing control

Create multiple lists of materials. Tryton not only allows you to create as many lists of materials as you need, but you can also modify the lists on the same production to change any of the components without losing traceability.

Review, modify and improve lists. In addition, you can create revisions on the same list with start and end dates to monitor their evolution. In the manufacturing with by-products, Tryton's lists allow you to obtain multiple products in each manufacture and manage the by-products and waste that must be declared.

Minimize production errors with a good planning

Ensures manufacturing against stock. Tryton helps you minimize possible errors because it automatically proposes manufacturing needs based on sales made and available stock.

Organized production, an approach to planning. Without going through a thorough and complex planning, Tryton offers an overview of what needs to be manufactured and the planned dates. Basic information to make meaningful adjustments to operations and make changes on the fly on production dates, quantities, or lists of materials.

Control and ensure the level of efficiency of your productions

Predicts declines in productions for a better production control. Tryton includes the percentage of efficiency in the lists of materials, both in the raw materials and in the products, so the decreases don't affect the result of the productions.

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Assess the cost price of the products with the utmost accuracy

Get information on the real cost of productions. Tryton gives you real information on the cost price of manufactured products considering the quantities and cost of components used. In some cases, it is also necessary to consider the cost of machinery and workers in order to have reliable values. Tryton allows you to manage different categories, work centers, and types of operations to include the cost of staff or machinery in productions.

Guarantee efficient production and the highest quality

Multi-way productions. Tryton separates the lists of materials from the production routes to decide in each case which is the best option to get the desired result. In addition, it allows you to link production with quality controls and define the quantitative and qualitative tests that must be passed to manufacture to ensure the excellence of your products.

Defines and supervises the various stages and controls production

Control the status of each production: stages completed, stages in progress, or stages pending to begin. Tryton provides all this information for each production and globally.

Work production by processes: manufacturing in several stages, intermediate products, or consumption of materials in different steps. Tryton also allows you to define the stages and the order in which they are performed, what operations are included in each step, what products are obtained, and what components are consumed.

Save on costs and gain in competitiveness

Plan production costs. Tryton’s cost plans allow you to create and review scandals, with the information stored in the ERP and incorporate new components and pricing to make the most reliable product cost approximation.

Study and adjust production margins. Tryton allows you to raise multiple scenarios with different margins for raw materials, production, etc., to adjust the price to customers with high bargaining power.

Find the most effective production. With Tryton you can also study various production formulas to get the most competitive option. Changes in operations, routes or production processes can have a significant impact on cost.

Serve the products without finishing the production

Divide the production to make daily closures or to be able to serve advances to customers.

Gain speed with efficient product grouping and identification

Work with products individually, in boxes, pallets or any other form of group. Identify package types and the quantities contained for improved speed in sales, purchasing, stock movements or any other company activity.

Include product size and weight in order to improve details on your offers, or when providing the information necessary to calculate delivery costs. In product kits you can decide if the stock price applies to a unit evaluation, or if pricing depends on components. This avoids the need to check which products are available when responding to orders. If you work with fixed prices, Tryton can inform you of updated component costs and profit margins, so that you can see when you need to update prices.

Identify each product with regular barcode models: EAN, EAN13, code39, ISBN, etc. This is essential if you want to speed up your logistics with scanners, PDAs or any other device.

Manage the expiration date of your products intelligently

Assign to the productions the raw material closest to the expiration date in order to optimize the rotation of the warehouse. Tryton automates the selection of the batch or batches closest to their expiration date for each production.