Comprehensive and effective monitoring of company sales processes

Tryton offers multiple benefits and a high level of flexibility to company sales departments with the automation of sales and purchasing processes. Tryton unifies and simplifies your management procedures (estimates, budgets, bills and delivery notes, etc.) so that you save time, effort and errors. We provide accuracy in management combined with the advantages of obtaining all the information you need, with just one click.

Discover what Tryton offers for sales management:

Estimates tailor-made for your clients and your needs

Present flexible and attractive estimates with the information your clients want to see: headings, comments, subtotals, net prices, prices with discount, your own fees, conditions and modifiable payment terms, with a whole range of options.

Tryton identifies those products available for sale and avoids those products that you don’t sell (semi-manufactured, raw materials, etc.) appearing on an estimate. What’s more, Tryton lets you manage multiple sales conditions, helping you to list them and classify them in groups in order to choose which points are applied in every estimate.

Decide how and when you want to send your invoices, with total freedom

Create your invoices with the maximum flexibility. Do you send your bills together with your delivery notes or before processing orders? Tryton allows you to decide when to create your bills.

Grouped invoices, an invoice for each purchase or an invoice for each product: create direct bills for each purchase, or group products for various orders in a single bill. Decide how you want to group or send your bills: with assignation by client, by delivery address, by date or by billing periods.

Trouble-free evaluation of your sales department’s results

Assign your sales representatives to specific sales or clients. With Tryton you can study the results of your sales department if you work with assigned clients or through specific sales.

Calculate commissions with ease, both payment to sales representatives and charging suppliers. Tryton automates the calculation of commissions on confirmed and paid invoices, with partial payment or even subtracting refunds. What’s more, Tryton commission plans allow flexible payment calculations for specific products or those applied to an entire range.

Optimum flexibility in order management

Manage goods delivery for individual orders or by groups of orders. Defining order delivery type beforehand aids warehouse management.

With Tryton you can modify those orders that have already been accepted. If a client changes his order criteria, you can still revoke an order confirmed at an estimate level and modify it with the changes requested. You can also modify the final quantities for orders that have already been accepted, without the need to re-implement the entire sales procedure.

In addition, you can make intelligent duplicates of sales: carry out client changes, delivery addresses and prices, by maintaining the conditions of the original offer or by applying those assigned by default to your new clients.

And to make it even easier, with Tryton you will be able to unify client programs in a single command, indicating the date requested on each sales information line

Make the most from grouped sales

Sell your products individually, in boxes, pallets or when grouped in any other format type. Apply identification beforehand as to how you wish to sell your products, speed up your processes and avoid quantity-related errors.

And with kits of products, Tryton allows you to decide if the price is unitary, or if it depends on the products the kit contains, saving you the need to enter products one by one, if you need them detailed on the estimate.

Avoid surprises with profit margins

Control profit margins for each operation. Every estimate shows the profit margin on sales for both products and for the offer as a whole.

Control your clients’ debts

Receive a warning for sales made when a client exceeds his credit limit, in order to make sure that unpaid bills are available at all times, including confirmed orders for which invoices have not yet been sent.

Make use of a wide range of tools and improve your service and profitability

Identify the reasons for offer cancelation and discover the weak points of your organisation. Place restrictions on exclusive client products to ensure that specific, products of importance are only sold to selected clients. Establish minimum sales quantities for products to avoid low-profit operations.

Easy order management and control of order status

Manage commands with various destinations easily, because with Tryton you can detail delivery addresses for each order line. You can also partially process orders when you do not want to process the entire client order at once. Show those lines processed in different colours for rapid order status checking.

Maximum traceability and minimum errors

In order to ensure maximum product traceability, incorporate batch information or serial numbers to sales. You can also enter the product codes used by your clients in the orders, to avoid errors and misunderstandings.

Integrate Tryton with other order management tools

Integrate Tryton with Fedicom. Developed for pharmaceutical product distribution, this program specialises in order reception, the consultation of stock availability and responses with respect to products and units supplied.

Use the information on purchasing and sales processes incidents to improve your services

Register the incidents in purchasing and sales processes and use this information to take corrective actions. With Tryton you’ll be able to identify incidents and categorise them in order to discover which are the most frequent, locate the factors responsible and evaluate losses and expenses. All the information you need to improve the service you offer on a day to day basis.

Save time and effort calculating offers

Round up final estimates or invoice prices and let Tryton automatically recalculate the unit price of each product included in the final documents. Tryton also allows you to apply a discount to the entire order, applying the amount individually to each article without having to enter them one by one.


More productive purchases

Tryton offers multiple benefits and high levels of flexibility to sales departments with purchasing process automation. Tryton simplifies the entire procedure, giving you optimum control levels with the option of checking the status of each purchase, goods reception and invoice status at any time. All the information you need, and within your reach, with a single click.

Discover what Tryton offers for purchasing management:

Choose the supplier you want with Tryton

Select only optimum purchasing options using only the information you need. Tryton not only allows you to identify who can supply you with each product, it also adds the names and codes of each supplier, delivery periods, pricing scales, discounts and validity periods.

Manage and monitor data with a view to optimising your business needs

Inform your suppliers when you need their products. Even though Tryton calculates delivery dates with the information available from the supplier, this data is modifiable, which means that it can be adapted to urgent purchasing needs.

Quality verification of the products you purchase

Monitor expiry data for product entries. Tryton notifies you if your goods do not fulfil the minimum quantities established and avoids products that are about to expire from entering your storage facilities.

All the information you need for efficient purchasing

Purchase what you need and when you need it. Tryton makes goods purchasing proposals for what your company needs, taking into account those products already reserved for clients, as well as those goods pending arrival and your suppliers’ , delivery periods. To avoid surprises and excess stock retention, it adapts purchasing proposals to those minimum and maximum stock levels established for each product.

Save time and money with efficient management

Minimise logistics expenses and speed up order delivery dates. With Tryton, you can improve cost-effective efficiency, without losing control of direct deliveries between suppliers and clients.

Monitor added product costs

Count transport expenses as part of product costs in order to evaluate true purchasing prices. What’s more, you can also monitor other expenses that are added to product batches, such as customs duties. Tryton lets you include the expenses and costs associated with product prices, even after sales.

Maximum flexibility on product purchases

Purchase products individually, in boxes, pallets or in groups of any type. Avoid errors in quantity orders and speed up processes by defining how you want to purchase your product.

Tryton allows you to establish equivalences between different units of measurement, e.g. when you need to manage metres but have to buy in kilogrammes. This means that you can make purchases in your supplier’s unit of choice, even though your volume calculation methods are different.

Validate your purchase regardless of your suppliers’ invoice formats

Whether dealing with a single invoice for several purchases, a bill for each purchase or an invoice for each product, Tryton allows you to apply the format you require to your own invoice for goods purchased, so you can compare data with your suppliers’ own invoices.

Facilitate purchasing commitment fulfilment

Integrate purchasing commitments to Tryton. Monitor purchasing contract agreements with suppliers. Ensure that the purchasing price established is applied and monitor quantities delivered and pending order with respect to contract terms.


Connect your business to a world of advantages

The Point of Sale terminal helps you to speed up sales in your business. Add as many shops, points of sale and sales staff as you need and obtain information on the profitability of each location.

Discover what Tryton offers in POS management for your company:

Facilitate payment and improve client loyalty

Do you offer your clients a wide range of payment options: half in cash and half payment by card? No problem. Pre-payment? No problem. Tryton knows no payment boundaries. Establish special prices and conditions in each client file, improve client loyalty by making them feel special when they make a purchase in your establishment.

Simplify operations and monitor profitability

Manage changes and refunds in a single operation: sales with positive units and refunds with negative units on the same screen, with the option of modifying the amount paid.

Improve your client service and save time

Enter articles manually or with a barcode scanner, speed up the sales process and help prevent queues. Use sales receipts from your cashiers to help cashing up during flexible periods, whether on a daily or weekly basis.

Improve sales speed and organisation

Tryton provides you with a table to note the quantities for each product variant, which allows you to rapidly enter wholesale sales. Tryton’s POS terminal offers a grid to define two product variants, for example sizes and colours, while users can add the colours required for each option.


Client-committed service

Contracts with recurring invoicing are a regular feature of companies that offer services: maintenance, monthly consumption, membership and registration fees, etc. Tryton simplifies contract control.

Discover what Tryton offers in contract management:

Contract management, simplified and optimised

Enjoy multiple services in a single contract with specific characteristics: prices, start and finalisation. Link your contracts to client assets: property, machinery, vehicles, etc., to link contracts to those items that benefit from your service.

Plan and monitor invoicing and maintenance periods

Control the invoice frequency and intervals to decide when fees are invoiced. Establish orders for actions linked to contracts to plan maintenance and revision actions that require the intervention of operators.

Free accounting department time by automating the creation of recurring invoices

Enjoy the ability to automatically generate recurring invoices, with the time interval and amount you want. It avoids errors in manual processes and gives you an accurate view of the billing and revenue forecast, and dedicates managers' hours to really productive tasks.