Never lose sight of a sales opportunity

With the Tryton CRM, you can monitor and analyse your sales funnel in a comprehensive manner, or by assigning data by sales representatives. Select those products that create interest and in which status each opportunity arises, detect motives for loss in order to take corrective actions. Add value and increase your business expectations for future sales.

Discover what Tryton offers in sales opportunity management:

Monitor changes and development in opportunities

Changes always happen and companies need to be aware of how opportunities develop and arise. With Tryton, not only can you create offers with a single click, you can also make copies and modify them for revision and checking.

Classify and prioritise opportunities and improve your profitability

Classify sales opportunities into categories by improving your knowledge of the market, study business opportunities and discover when and where your company is more effective. Give priority to the opportunities you find attractive and focus your sales strategies on them. Properly managed resources mean improved profitability.

Guarantee fluent and coherent negotiations

Establish your pre-sales phases and personalise your sales funnel to control the next step in client negotiations. Register all your sales follow-up initiatives (meetings, calls, e-mails, internal actions, etc.) so that everyone can follow the negotiation strategy established and avoid confusion and intermediaries with privileged information.

Improved organisation and planning with a single click

Organise and evaluate your tasks in any company area: summaries of meetings, planning calls, reminders in note form, etc. Tryton gives you the opportunity to organise all your day to day work and prepare for the next stage.

Efficient and effective client communication

Link your offers with your client’s budgets. Tryton allows you to link business opportunities with supplier budgets so that you can evaluate the price you need to set in each estimate you present.