Ecommerce integrated into the ERP

An electronic commerce platform within the ERP

Manage one or more online stores with Tryton and benefit from all the functionalities it offers in the different business areas. Create ERP-integrated online stores with Tryton to save time, money, and errors by maintaining a single management software and all unified data.

Your online store with accurate and updated information

Expose your product catalog in an organized way in different menus and facilitate the location of the articles with the powerful ERP search engine.

With Tryton you can show in real-time any product information: prices, images, stock, availability, or any other ERP data that interests customers. You can also allow or not the purchase depending on the availability of the items and all this without the need to send data between different programs.

Control the entire sales process step by step

Monitor the different statuses of customer purchases: shopping cart, data verification, transport selection, and payment. With Tryton you can control abandoned baskets during the process and obtain the necessary information to decide the most appropriate corrective actions.

Increase the average value of the shopping basket

Encourage cross-selling and increase the visibility of add-on products on the item page and in your shopping cart. In addition, Tryton also allows you to suggest accessories or equivalent products in the selection process.

Personalize the deal even in the online channel

Optimize your customer's experience by showing their personalized prices and managing promotional coupons. With Tryton you can also facilitate recurring purchases, either by showing the latest products purchased or by repeating the last purchase with just one click.

Design transportation as a competitive advantage

Take advantage of Tryton's options for calculating the shipping price. Offer customers multiple options and rate the service with a fixed or calculated price by destination zip code, weight, or purchase amount.
Having an online store within Tryton allows you to take advantage of all its functionalities, such as integration with a carrier software and control of the number of packages and shipping.

Payment guarantee

Tryton's online stores are integrated with the Redsys, Paypal, and Stripe platforms to facilitate the payment of orders and guarantee maximum security in transactions.

 Payment guarantee
 Payment guarantee
 Payment guarantee

Give customers control of their data

Create a customer portal. It shows the information on the status of their purchases and invoices and allows them to add and update delivery addresses and contact mechanisms such as telephones or emails.

Feed your contact database

Incorporate a subscription form in the online store to keep in touch with visitors and motivate them to purchase.

With Tryton you can also increase the number of visits and retain the reader with articles in the integrated blog. Design a content strategy and explain your story to attract future customers.

Use the online store as a showcase

Show your entire catalog on the Internet even if you do not use the online sales channel. Tryton allows you to manage the store and benefit from all its possibilities without the option to purchase.

Value customer satisfaction

Listen to the opinion of your customers. Tryton allows you to send surveys and study the results to offer the best service every day.

Connect to your carrier’s software

Connect to your carrier’s software

Enjoy maximum compatibility between Tryton and your carriers' software by synchronizing all the information needed for efficient deliveries. Find out how it works, with which Tryton carriers Tryton is already integrated, and how to increase the company's ability to handle more orders and shipments on a scalable way.

Offer your client maximum control with their deliveries

Provide your clients with delivery notes with package numbers, carrier company names and tracking numbers; all the vital and valued information they need to monitor deliveries.