New TRYTON ERP feature for e-commerce

Marc Redorta Dec 18, 2017

40% of citizens already make Internet purchases on a regular basis, that is, every month. This has caused that the number of companies that bet to sell online has shot up, and that every time they increase their custuomers. In fact, according to the last report of the Economic and Social Council (ESC), electronic commerce in Spain is growing at a sustained rate of 25% per year. But the success of e-commerce depends, mainly, on being able to guarantee efficient and timely product distribution.

Aware of this, in NaN-tic we have developed a new feature of Tryton ERP that communicates the information of the company that sells with the company in charge of transport. This reduces drastically the work of sending shipments to the warehouse, minimizes errors in this process and also, thanks to Tracking IDs can automatically communicate to the customer how to track the transport since it departs from the warehouse door.

What is the problem?

The e-commerce companies know perfectly that the growth of their business depends on being able to increase the sales without growing in personnel and guaranteeing the deliveries of punctual form and without errors. Something complex considering that the distribution of the products is done by one or several external companies, and that each one has its own management software. A software that almost never matches the one that the selling company has and with which it is not related in any way.

The result is that for each package there are two labels with information that, unfortunately, is not always coincident. Some companies choose to manually contrast the information on the delivery note with the information on the package label. A lot of unproductive work and that facilitates errors in the management and traceability of the packages, which translate into complaints, customer losses and, possibly, a bad online reputation.

We have the solution

If your company is considering selling online or if you are setting up an e-commerce business and you are looking for an ERP you should seriously consider the Tryton option. The list of competitive advantages that this technology gives you is very long, but this new feature is specific for companies like yours and will help you to significantly reduce distribution errors and be able to grow the business without having to increase the human resources.

This module is already integrated with MRW, Envialia, Seur, Redyser and Correos software, but it is designed so that it can work with any software that any courier and parcel agency can have.

How does it work?

The system automatizes the management in the following way:

  • The company that uses Tryton ERP prepares the package and when it creates the delivery note in Tryton it automatically informs the software of the courier companies indicating the recipient and the type of service (urgent, standard, etc...). In addition, it also gives the notice of collection of the package.
  • On the other hand, the software of the courier company provides the labels with their own format to stick them to the package, so that when it is collected it is already in perfect conditions to be distributed.
  • In addition, the software of the courier company sends Tryton ERP the tracking of the package, which is filed together with the delivery note to be able to carry out further searches.
  • And since Tryton ERP also integrates the management of electronic mail, it is also possible to automate the tracking notification to the final client via e-mail to facilitate the tracking of the shipment.


With this new feature it is possible to automate many processes that were done manually, the database of delivery addresses is kept up to date, eliminating any duplication with carriers and, finally, expanding the company's capacity to handle more orders and generate more shipments without more workers.

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