Our business management services are designed to ensure that your company improves continually

As companies are constantly developing, ERP implementation is a non-stop process. This is why our business management services don’t just end when your system is installed. At NaN-tic we’ll be on hand to ensure that your ERP keeps on operating effectively, with constant technological updating. What’s more, we offer our own rapid, high quality support service; available, whenever you need us, and ready to help you out.

Consulting and ERP, we make business management software to make your work even better

  1. Since 2007 specialized in the implementation of customized ERP.
  2. Pioneers developing open source business management software throughout the State.
  3. Team of developers dedicated to the needs of evolution, maintenance and customization of the software.
  4. Expert consultancy carried out by professionals who follow the project, from the design to the maintenance of the ERP, through training and evolution so that the short and long-term objectives are achieved.
  5. Independent modules that can be integrated according to customer needs.
  6. Scalable product over time that accompanies the growth of the company.
  7. We have experience in dealing with projects with multiple accounting and tax systems, including Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, among others.
  8. NaN-tic delivers its developments at no added cost in English, Catalan and Spanish.

More productivity with NaN-tic's solution that grows with your business

business management services with consulting and development

We can customize the software 100% for the best efficiency of your business management

Modules that can be integrated on-demand according to the business areas to be managed. Nothing less than what you need. NaN-tic puts at your disposal specialized knowledge with transparency and closeness.