Multiple functionalities are designed to optimize the projects management from all points of view

Tryton provides companies with a series of tools needed to prevent control of the group from slipping out of their hands. It allows you to create project structures, subprojects and tasks without level limit, indicate the estimated hours to perform them and record the actual hours spent, among many other possibilities for projects management.

Discover all that Tryton can offer you in managing your projects:

Assess and compare the cost and performance of each worker

Get work orders for actual working hours. Tryton allows you to include comments or incidents in the project information, which you can use to track deviations, redistribute hours, and compare employee performance.

Control the actual cost per worker. If you need to keep track of project costs, Tryton helps you quantify the cost of each task based on the hourly price of the worker who did the work. Dedicate the most qualified technicians to the most critical tasks.

Organizes and prioritizes the phases of each project to improve profitability

Put restrictions on starting and ending projects. Tryton allows you to organize consecutive tasks to predict when you should start each task in order to have the project on time, and when you will finish it if you start it today.

Prioritize projects and tasks and indicate their importance in order to focus the company’s efforts, manage resources correctly and improve profitability.

Study the hours and workers needed in the project to offer real deadlines to clients

Quantify working hours. It controls the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual working hours dedicated to the project to combine them with the number of workers involved and to be able to offer a real deadline to customers.

Benefit from flexible billing with multiple possibilities

Enjoy flexible billing of tasks and/or projects, for planned or completed hours. And if the agreement with the customer is different, Tryton allows you to manually edit the invoices.

Work with grouped invoices or one invoice for each task. Tryton offers you multiple options, from creating direct invoices for each job done to grouping several tasks and projects into a single invoice.

Control, streamline, and optimize the projects management and the tasks assigned to each worker

Identify all the people involved in the projects, whether they be workers of the company or the client, to be able to carry out a rigorous control of the involved personnel and to organize the communications without forgetting any detail.

Quickly locate pending tasks. Tryton organizes lists with the pending work of each worker, so as not to waste time looking for what to do.

Controls workloads, pending assignments, etc. Reassigns tasks, even in bulk. With equitable distribution, you will avoid the overload of the most efficient workers.

Periodically monitor the status of the project so that any deviations can be corrected in a timely manner

Control the hours left to complete a task, along with the time already spent to be able to contrast the deviation that is occurring and take corrective action before it is too late.

Evaluate the result of the project before finalizing it. Tryton allows you to have an up-to-date view of the status of each project at all times: planned, dedicated hours, billing done, pending, cost, and benefit. Everything you need to avoid disappointments in the projects.

Record and analyze all the information about the project to discover the strengths and weaknesses

Customize task states. Tryton allows you to create all the phases that are necessary to enjoy absolute control and an adaptation closer to reality: new tasks, pending, canceled, etc.

Personally classify tasks. Information that allows you to do an analysis to discover the weaknesses and strengths of your organization. What tasks are you most profitable with? Where do the benefits of projects escape?

Facilitate the registration of workers' working hours

Manage and control workers' working hours through three buttons: start, pause and end time, to control the time spent on each task without having to wait for the clock.

Control and manage all expenses associated with the project

Establish an expense control system. Travel and subsistence, as well as other side costs, can affect the outcome of a project. Tryton allows you to control them and decide how to manage them in the project.

Improves the development of each task with periodic tests to detect errors

Evaluate the results of code tests on tasks to improve them. In the creation of software, the revision of the created code is basic. Tryton allows you to add the result of each test that is performed and the correction on the errors detected to ensure the highest quality in the development of each task.

Speed up communication with all contacts related to the project

Quickly contact anyone associated with a project thanks to integration with Asterisk telephone exchanges. Tryton lists all the company phones and contacts related to the projects you do and puts them at a single click of communication.

Supervises the economic evolution of the work from all points of view

Control project revenue, expenses, and margins for both material and labor.

To find out what our clients think about project management with ERP Tryton customized by NaN-tic, you can read this testimonial about managing foundations with open-source software.

Record and monitor any movement that affects the execution of the project

Monitor the changes that occur in the execution of the project, with a record of deliveries and returns, to monitor at all times the status of the work.

Facilitates billing and tracking the status of project invoices

Get detailed information to decide whether or not to bill the hours and materials used in each task. Once you've invoiced, view all invoices and delivery notes linked to the project to find out their status.

Fix deviations in the project by comparing the initial estimate with the actual data

Operate with work delivery notes to control the work to be performed. Tryton allows you to describe the task, estimate the date on which it will be performed and the time it will take to invest it, then contrast it with the actual data and correct the deviations.

The record of hours spent on each job will help you check if the estimates are correct.

Improve efficiency with a flexible and balanced assignment of each worker’s roles

Assign one or more workers to each task to facilitate the management of operators and properly balance workloads.

Simplify and streamline your work with cross-management of Tryton information

Links project management to Tryton's assets and contracts to include review and maintenance operations in the project outcome.

Multiple advantages in the management of split invoices

Tryton offers maximum flexibility in partial billing procedures with its own billing milestones. This system allows you to establish multiple instalments for each project, not only with respect to the fixed amount, but also with respect to remaining amounts, percentages from the total amount, sales lines, etc.

It also manages the time when the invoice is created in advance, with order confirmation, the delivery of a percentage of the goods or the sending of the entire order. It also lets you include extensions and changes, incorporating them into the partial invoicing process, without losing the overall view of the project with pending or invoiced amounts.