A robust, scalable and secure business management software


Tryton is a high-performance, open-source, business management software program that offers numerous advantages. It is an extraordinarily robust, transparent, flexible, and totally open product, one that holds quality criteria above marketing features, it also offers an active, participatory community that is open to everyone.

Discover what Tryton offers for effective company management:

Optimum flexibility and adaptability

There is little point in using the best ERP if you can only access features under certain conditions. Tryton is available for Windows, Linux, MAC and online browsers. What’s more, it comes in 11 languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Czech and Bulgarian) and it operates on a multi-currency basis. It allows you to work with any currency, manage exchange rates with date references and obtain a register of currency developments.

Designed to your needs

Tryton provides excellent usability, as its design takes care of those small, yet all-important details; comprehensive search menus, configurable filters, keyboard shortcuts, menus for favourites, back up registries and many other features designed to make your everyday work that much easier.

Effective organisation for improved speed and productivity

The Tryton desktop allows you to create a personalised dashboard for each user, which means you’ll see the tables and graphs you use on a daily basis, providing instant, on-hand information for your needs. Attach documents simply by dragging them; photos, maps, contracts or any other file, put them where you need them, and not where a program tells you to. Bulk data change options means you cut down time losses by minimising non-productive, repetitive tasks.

Tailor-made security options

Tryton provides limited access options for each individual user, because not all employees need the same information: sales staff want to know the status of their offers, Accountancy need information on outstanding invoices, and with Tryton you can also personalize security levels for each user, limiting the access, publication or modification of data. It's a business management software also adaptable to the users.

Control and monitoring of work

Tryton has a registry of all those changes made to the database, which lets you know which user has modified ERP data, while allowing you to consult the initial conditions of any registry. This means that even though users make changes, you can see the data before modifications were made – which is extremely useful in the case of complaints and claims, as you can check up on where the original error arose when negotiating with clients.

One ERP, one thousand companies

If your business comprises more than one company, Tryton lets you incorporate various business groups into the same ERP, unifying management and sharing third party information and products. It also lets you decide the information you share between companies and the data specific to each client.

Open-minded Business Management Software

Tryton is not just open in terms of its source code, its philosophy is also open; this is why it facilitates data export to Excel, so that you can work with those tools you consider to be most appropriate, as well as integration with Asterisk telephone exchanges, in order to make the most of their communication skills.

Improve communication with your clients

The integration of Tryton with your e-mail will help you to improve communication with your clients. Because, as well as personalising the content of your e-mails with your information, documents with their order status, invoice information, etc., Tryton also allows you to create automatic actions when receiving e-mails: automatic responses, commercial activities, incident alerts, etc.

Save with the integrated digital signature

Save with the integrated digital signature

With Tryton you can integrate digitally signed documents with the maximum legal guarantee thanks to the integration with ViDSigner. You will save time, space, and paper with signed contracts in Tryton ERP software for the management of businesses.


All the flexibility you need in the relationship with customers and suppliers

For Tryton, third parties mean any individual or legally-constituted organisation that your company deals with. This generic, broad-based concept allows you the highest possible flexibility.

Discover what Tryton offers for your client, supplier and staff relations:

Efficient management of your third-party data

Unify data. Why work with clients and suppliers separately when now you can organise all their information in a single file with all the flexibility that Tryton categories offer? Tryton identifies your contacts, addresses, communications channels and social networks. Because any data could be a source of business.

Centralised accounting data

Using Tryton means that all your accounting data can now be sent to a single file: payment types and terms, accounting records, taxation rules, multiple bank accounts, etc., whether your third party is a client or a supplier, Tryton lets you share clients in multi-company mode, while retaining basic data and specific work information pertinent to each company, such as bank accounts, payment types, etc.

Client language capability

Tryton identifies languages. Avoid misunderstandings and send messages in a language your client understands. Efficient communication is essential for improving relations abroad.

Control your clients’ debts

With Tryton you can limit your clients’ credit terms and calculate outstanding amounts; register invoices pending payment and even confirmed orders when no invoice has yet been sent.

Segment for greater effectiveness

Classify your third parties into professional sectors with product linking. Detailed database segmentation will result in improved campaign impact.

An intelligent system that works for you

Avoids repeated entries of third-party into the system, as well as the creation of duplicate entries by mistake, or because you don’t have your contact’s business code. Tryton’s capability to merge third parties will help prevent information loss and unnecessary repetition. Furthermore, you can check that the company has been approved for intra-community operations with a validation system that’s integrated with the VIES. Register tax-code and business names in the third-party file for easy localisation with Tryton search options.

Find quickly who you are looking for

Expand the search criteria and do not limit yourself to the fiscal or commercial name. Search your contacts using the third party code, the NIF/CIF number, the phones numbers or even the emails that you store in Tryton ERP.

Management processes with a single click

Browse through your data with a single click. Use your third-party file to consult any related registry: sales, bills, complaints, purchases, etc. Integrate third-party data with Asterisk telephone exchanges to call your third-party contacts with just one click. Link directly to Google Maps to locate any third party rapidly, again, just by clicking, and manage your contacts with speed, ease and efficiency.

Work with a more effective contact network

A hierarchical, organised and third party network structure, with cross-referenced, updated information on who’s who in all of the companies you work with. Relying on multiple contacts for each client is not enough, Tryton’s third-party network structure lets you know who you need to send offers to and who is responsible for invoices, while providing you with detailed information on the departments and key players in your clients’ companies.

Work with a more effective contact network


Tailor-made management for your company’s needs

Products and services can be classified into goods, services or assets, and are ordered into groups and categories, decide if you want to (or not) control stock, describe your products in the languages you want, establish fee prices, limit sales and purchases, and much more.

Discover what Tryton offers in product and service management:

More productive pricing

Create as many fees as you need: with overall discounts, according to product or family type, prices for quantities, rounding up, etc. Net prices or costs calculated from a base price in order to avoid obsolete prices that could make you lose money. With a price history option for each product, and a registry to decide if you need to look for new components or suppliers in order to optimise profits.

Import your competitors' prices in the product information sheet with the information provided by portals such as Minderest or netRivals. Control market prices to improve your competitiveness.

Detailed stock information

View real and planned stock quantities on the product file. Tryton not only informs you if you have a requested product in any of your warehouses, it also details planned stocks so that you’ll know if what you want will arrive on the day you need it.

Define an optimum strategy by controlling prices and margins

Calculate your stock value with precision, whether with a fixed value, a weighted average price or with FIFO. Use this information to anticipate problems, with profit margin control for sales and sales development.

Gain speed with efficient product grouping and identification

Work with products individually, in boxes, pallets or any other form of group. Identify package types and the quantities contained for improved speed in sales, purchasing, stock movements or any other company activity.

Include product size and weight in order to improve details on your offers, or when providing the information necessary to calculate delivery costs. In product kits you can decide if the stock price applies to a unit evaluation, or if pricing depends on components. This avoids the need to check which products are available when responding to orders. If you work with fixed prices, Tryton can inform you of updated component costs and profit margins, so that you can see when you need to update prices.

Identify each product with regular barcode models: EAN, EAN13, code39, ISBN, etc. This is essential if you want to speed up your logistics with scanners, PDAs or any other device.

Leave the management of product attributes to Tryton

Manage your products’ attributes; sizes, colours and much more. With Tryton, you can create any product characteristic you want and modify those values entered. You can also manually create each of the options you want to evaluate. Enter the attributes you want to combine and let the ERP make all the permutations possible.

View, identify and control your products with ease

Obtain varied images of a single product to facilitate identification. The images will also allow you to make offers more attractive and provide your clients with more information.

Maximum flexibility when working of product and service data

Share products and services in multicompany mode, while maintaining the basic data and specific details on the work of each company; sales price, price and cost method, etc.

A wide range of tools to analyse your business in detail

Link your products and services to analytical accountancy, facilitating the study and control of the most attractive viewpoints for the company.


More efficient management for your company’s assets

For Tryton, your company’s assets are physical objects, such as machinery, furniture, or vehicles used by the company to carry out its activities or which it uses to provide services, such as installation and maintenance.

Discover what Tryton can offer you in asset management:

Detailed, organised information of your assets

Identify your assets and those of your clients and stay informed at all times as to who owns them, the identity references of your assets, the address where they are located and the contact information required to access them.

Tryton provides information on the manufacturer, the serial number and the manufacturing date, giving you more detailed information to facilitate guarantee claims or spare parts orders. Tryton allows you to expand this information with any other characteristic. Configurable fields are included, so that you can detail the most relevant information: measurements, power, model, consumption, capacity, or any type of data; figures, text or dates.

Interconnect your assets for improved organisation

Establish editable relationships among assets. Identify any type of link that exists between your managed assets for more efficient organisation. Furthermore, Tryton also allows you to distribute assets by zones, including the relationship between zone and asset, and even the employee responsible, in order to provide coverage. This is an attractive option for companies involved in installations and maintenance services.

Get the most out of your assets’ guarantee policies

Monitor guarantee validity periods, whether for your own assets or the services offered by your company, in order to manage repair bills properly. If you link your assets to the guarantees you can make the most of the different options Tryton offers in this area.


Analysis for improvement

The analysis of data entered into a management program must be used to obtain an overview of results and to discover both the weaknesses and the opportunities of a company. With Tryton’s integrated Basic Business Intelligence (BaBI) feature, in addition to having access to regular reports on sales, invoicing, accountancy, etc., you can also create your own data analysis.

Discover what Tryton offers in data analysis for your company:

Easy access to an overview of company results

Rapid data consultation through prior information calculations and the cross-referencing of data. Tryton creates personalised analyses without the need to understand programming languages, with the maximum flexibility for studying what you need. Tryton offers assistance with bar graphs, pie charts, and other graphic displays; a wide range of information options with visual impact.

Detailed results and secure information sharing

Export data and graphs to Excel charts to work on results with greater detail for analysis and presentation. Tryton has total integration with Excel to prevent having to transfer data and access different applications, while respecting user security levels so that you can control and restrict data.


Discover how integrated management benefits the quality of your products

Integrate tests on samples, products or raw materials into Tryton, even those interspersed with production. Qualitative and quantitative tests or mathematical formulas; integrated management will resolve problems before it’s too late. This feature ensures that you do not supply defective products, or accept materials that do not comply with your quality standards.