New Tryton ERP functionality for party relationships

Marc Redorta Jan 26, 2018

Around each company is created an ecosystem of customers, suppliers, distributors, representatives, delegations and all kinds of contacts that, in one way or another, can be related to each other. They are called "third parties". And as organizations grow, the dimension of this third-party ecosystem multiplies exponentially. In the case of companies that sell online in different markets around the world, the number of people practically unknown with which there are commercial deals boosts. At this point it becomes impossible to know and remember these relationships of third parties and, of course, update them and do an appropriate follow-up.

It is true that most ERPs provide for the possibility of creating a file for each third party. They usually collect data about people or organizations that have some connection with the company. But most of ERP manufacturers have not bothered to relate the chips between them, and this can be problematic at times.

The problem of not knowing who you are talking to

The disadvantages of not having a relational map of third parties, of people who directly or indirectly relate to our company, are not minor. Without this map it is impossible to know that the same provider is shared by different clients or delegations. Or know the exact link between different contacts that are part of the same department. Or discover that a professional with whom we work has a degree of direct kinship with someone in the organization or their environment. Or, even, to understand the relations of friendship or enmity between different people of the same working environment.

And without this information it is possible that some projects may stumble, that the procedures may slow down or that the possibilities of commercial success may be significantly reduced. Paradoxically, when we prepare a business meeting we go to LinkedIn or other social networks to obtain less information than we could perhaps get by looking at our own ERP.

Even when the company is very large and operates in different markets through different branches or points of sale, it is very difficult to properly monitor any management, project or commercial proposal. And, of course, not send a document to the appropriate person or ignore relationships with another third party can be clearly counterproductive.

Good information is good business

We have seen too many real cases of problems arising from this lack of information. For this reason, in NaN-tic we have expanded the information regarding third parties in order to define the relationship between them. With a new field in the tab of each third party, high added value information is registered in any corporate management and a map of relations between them can be created. Tryton ERP itself replicates the social relations environment around the company in a visual and understandable way.

The benefits of this improvement of Tryton ERP lands on virtually all departments of the company quickly and clearly. One of the clearest examples is when there is an incorporation to cover a loss. Thanks to this functionality, it is not necessary to waste time trying to transfer important information that nobody in the company knows about in its entirety.

On the other hand, the areas linked to management, marketing, commercial management and human resources obtain an almost immediate performance of this functionality.


If you want to know what direct or indirect link have third parties with your company forget about Facebook and LinkedIn. Easily get rigorous and orderly information thanks to the new third-party relationship functionality of Tryton ERP. Improve the success rate of commercial proposals, follow more accurately the management and projects and minimize errors due to ignorance of relationships between third parties.

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