Rapid, flexible and efficient stock management

Maximum stock control at all times for your company, with automatic updates when providing sales invoices or when receiving material from purchases. Reap the benefits of multiple functionalities for organising and managing your stocks in a precise and agile manner; with the identification and registry of batches, location, forecasts, expiry dates and traceability, etc.

Discover what Tryton offers for stock management:

Large-scale stock control with speed and precision

Work fast and effectively with multi-warehouse and multi-location. With Tryton you can control all the warehouses you want, with organisation levels for aisles, shelving units and individual shelves, boxes and more. Locating products made easy, with Tryton.

Updated information on your stocks and their development at any moment

Calculate stock levels with precision. Product stock levels are calculated with each consultation, using goods entry and departure data. The formula we use, in addition to minimising errors, allows you to monitor stock levels in the past and review future quantities, showing their development, as trends offer more information than specific calendar data.

What’s more, Tryton shows you the stock that’s really available, because not everything in your warehouse is accessible for sale. Warehouse division is separated into three sections (entry, departure and storage), which helps when checking goods that have recently arrived and when verifying if a sold, packaged product is awaiting pick up for delivery.

Easy registration, correction or modification of any error or returned product

Work with inventories and overall adjustments, by location, product category or by product. Tryton offers you the resources you need to correct movements that the system does not record. A registry to correct excessive deviations.

With Tryton you can also control product returns. Whether dealing with a product returned by a client or when sending goods back to your suppliers, you will be able to create, and manage any return from the source delivery note, with a status control and a link to all related documents; sales, bills, etc.

Intelligent stock management that allows you to reserve products in production

Anticipate stock problems. Tryton calculates your stock needs, taking future deliveries into account, so that you are never left wanting. It also helps you to monitor stock rotation, as it integrates the FIFO method to ensure goods rotation and avoid product obsolescence.

Prepare your purchases and productions without missing a single detail

Predict stock requirements. Tryton allows you to enter minimum and maximum storage quantities for each product and every location, as well as how the product is obtained; purchases, movements between storage facilities or production. Tryton’s purchasing requests anticipate the goods you will require and propose those quantities necessary and the best purchasing date, in accordance with the days and delivery deadlines established by your suppliers. The final decision is in the hands of your Head of Purchasing, who can change quantities, data, suppliers or any other information.

Made to measure management of delivery notes

Divide your delivery note categories. You don’t always have all the goods, and with Tryton you won’t have to modify delivery notes or create new ones, because now you can divide information and split movements of any type. Tryton also lets you decide the specific information you want to show each individual client when it comes to goods delivery notes and documents, which means you can choose whether or not to include the price.

Product follow-up and tracking

Batch traceability. Tryton gives you absolute control when it comes to information on the origin and destination of each batch or product serial number. You decide in which processes and movements any given product needs to display its identification data. With Tryton you can also link the number and the reference of your suppliers to your own batch numbers in order extend tracking capabilities beyond company boundaries.

Create serial numbers and batches of a single product unit. Tryton facilitates serial number management with automatic creation tools, using initial and final numbers.

Ensure top quality in what you purchase and what you sell

Integrate quality control into logistics procedures. Tryton helps you to create quality controls for supplier orders or for those products you sell.

Faster delivery preparation and monitoring

Prepare your deliveries with product scanning. Avoid errors in the preparation of packages by controlling products and amounts using bar code scanners. If you need to manage tracking, Tryton gives you the batch identification or serial number using the same scanner.

Efficient purchasing that helps you avoid errors

Register minimum purchases from your suppliers. Tryton takes minimum quantities into account, with product category and supplier-based criteria when making purchasing orders.

It also facilitates the purchasing of products in multiple quantities: identify products that need to be purchased in multiple quantities for a single value, minimising the need to rectify orders.

Plan and stay covered with Tryton

Plan internal consumption for your company. Stay covered with a registry of purchasing estimates. Plan internal order needs. Tryton will take them into account when calculating manufacturing or purchasing requirements.

Manage external stock in your own storage facilities

Monitor material sent by clients or suppliers without losing the information pertinent to each product, and with tracking features included. Tryton even allows you to administer stock that isn’t your own. What’s more, a two-step goods entry process avoids having delivery notes that need to be entered when products have not been approved in the system, this goes for errors too, when products have not been identified correctly.

Gain speed with a more effective grouping of products in kits and boxes, etc.

Organise products sold in kits. Tryton distinguishes between stock availability criteria and kit components where and when kit categorisation is contingent on the products it comprises. Each time a delivery note is created it details individual product items in order to avoid errors in the creation of the kit.

Organise individual stock movement of products, in boxes, pallets or when grouped in other formats. Apply identification criteria as to how you wish to store your products, speed up your processes and avoid quantity-related errors.

Manage product expiration intelligently

Prioritize batch departures with limited expiration dates, minimising wastage. Tryton suggests the supply of product batches close to expiration on delivery notes. And if there is not enough product in a single batch, the program splits the quantity into different batches, respecting the same expiration date-delivery criteria. With batch selection, Tryton also reports on real and forecast stock levels.

The quantity available for each batch may be important information when respecting client delivery conditions. Furthermore, Tryton helps you to supervise product expiry dates, controlling shelf-life, expiry margins, alert margins and elimination margins in order prevent product expiration in your warehouse.

A wide range of tools to analyse your business in detail

Linking stocks with analytical accountancy facilitates detailed study and monitoring from a wide range of company-orientated perspectives.

Speed things up with the efficient organisation of your in-stock products

Give your products preferential location with the automatic creation of movements. Tryton allows you to monitor the exact location of every item in your warehouse. When you receive material from a purchasing order, the system will tell you where you have to leave it, and when it’s time to sell it, where it is located.


Transport management that offers you enormous competitive advantages

Tryton lets you integrate your trusted carriers and the services they offer into your program. By unifying all of this information, you can offer your clients the most suitable options, with proper transport management for their products – ensuring success in delivery operations.

Discover what Tryton offers when it comes to the transport management of your products:

Greater flexibility in transport cost calculations

Calculate transport delivery prices: fixed, by percentage of price or by weight. And if none of these options suits your needs, then no worries - Tryton can be adapted for the calculation options you require. If you work with COD freight invoicing, Tryton is ideal.

Connect to your carrier’s software

Connect to your carrier’s software

Enjoy maximum compatibility between Tryton and your carriers' software by synchronizing all the information needed for efficient deliveries. Find out how it works, with which Tryton carriers Tryton is already integrated, and how to increase the company's ability to handle more orders and shipments on a scalable way.

Offer your client maximum control with their deliveries

Provide your clients with delivery notes with package numbers, carrier company names and tracking numbers; all the vital and valued information they need to monitor deliveries.