Fundació Bosch Aymerich

Fundació Bosch Aymerich

The Fundació Bosch Aymerich aims to create, promote and develop activities of general interest, preferably within the territory of Catalonia. Most of the projects they support are in the world of culture, science and sports, architecture, and urban planning. Also of health, of the promotion of the quality of life of people of the third age; and training and/or education in leisure for young people.

The stage

When we started working with the Fundació Bosch Aymerich, they kept a manual control of the projects and entities with office tools such as Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, etc. All the information and data such as applications, documentation, contacts..., was scattered. Additionally, it was very difficult for them to obtain statistics on the aid they were granting, since the preparation of the data was manual, accessing the accounting program and excels.

The solution

An analysis of the processes and information to be managed was carried out and a customized ERP solution was designed for the Foundation, which has been a success in relation to the flexibility and agility that it has provided in their work. The main characteristics are: The integration of the customer's CRM linking it with the activity of the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Work. Scale aid in a single place, keeping track of projects in progress, pending payments, documentation, contacts, documentation expirations, and charges. The automation of the entire procedure for granting scholarships and grants through forms that interested parties access via the centralized web to the same site, and from there, add and manage it. At NaN-tic we are an expert team of open source consultants and developers, which gives us freedom and effectiveness to create customized solutions for the different needs that we find in companies.


In the words of Rafael Faus, Manager of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation: "NaN-tic understand the needs very well and translate them very effectively into easily applicable solutions. Every time an idea for improvement arises, it is very easy to get in touch with our account consultant, having different meetings, test environments before the final start-up, etc., both in-person and online."

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