Icar is a company specializing in digital image-based document and person identification systems born as a spin-off of the Computer Vision Center in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) to respond to the need to improve the access control in the Peralada Group casinos.


Growing business in Europe and South America with offices in France and Brazil.

They have won several awards since their establishment in 2002 and they focus their developments in hardware and software to markets such as banking, security and public administration among others. They are currently expanding and they already have offices in Spain, France and Brazil.


Recognizing the need for a system with power and guarantees on which to base their expansion, Icar has entrusted NaN·tic the implementation and development of OpenERP in:

  • Expanding the possibilities of the CRM with information on business opportunities and initiatives.
  • Implementation in their headquarters in France and Brazil.
  • Customizing business profiles in OpenERP.
  • Improvements in cost management and analysis at serial number level.
  • Implementation of accounting with data migration from ContaPlus.
  • Support and guarantee.