Industrias del caucho PALSA

Industrias del caucho PALSA

Industrias del caucho PALSA Is an industrial family business specializing in molded rubber parts and sealing products. PALSA offers custom project development and designs, fast and quality manufacturing, with personalized attention and advice. With PALSA, the customer knows at all times what state their project and manufacture is in before the punctual delivery on the agreed date.

The stage

Before the implementation of our ERP Tryton solution, there were two very different lines of work: the accounting part was done with a standard program for this function; and the part of the production, sales/purchases, and stock control that was carried out manually created databases.

The solution

After the NaN-tic ERP consulting team analyzed the needs and characteristics of Industrias del Caucho PALSA, the Production, Sales and Purchases, Accounting, and Stock Control modules for PALSA were developed. The benefits have been diverse and important, in the words of Miguel Ángel Rosado from PALSA:

  1. Using just one tool (you don't need to duplicate information).
  2. Reduction of management time.
  3. Real-time control of any information (status of orders, stocks, production, etc.)
  4. Reduce contingencies (forecast supplies, economic flow control, etc.)
  5. Significant improvements in management (with fewer hours of management we have more information and it allows us to grow more safely since decision-making is based on real numbers).


PALSA's assessment is "If the NaN-tic task had to be described with two adjectives, we would use SPEED and SERIOUSNESS. An ERP is not seen outside the company but it is a key tool for its proper functioning. In any commercial exchange, especially in services, there will be failures, unforeseen events, errors, etc. For us, the important thing is not that they do not occur (they are inevitable), what is really important is how they are faced and how they are solved. Our experience with NaN-tic in this sense is very satisfactory, from Agustí who offered us the product, through Carles who piloted the project, as well as each and every one of the consultants, we have always had someone on the other side of the line to deal with doubts or small errors that they have been able to produce and also the solutions have always been available in a very reasonable time, since they are aware of the importance of the tool they offer within any company."

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