Proporta is based in England and has over fifteen years’ experience in the design and manufacture of accessories for electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, eReaders, MP3 players and GPS. The company offers its products in a comprehensive online store and delivers to any country in the world.

One of the company’s assets is their diversity with a multi-lingual staff selling Proporta products worldwide. Their multiculturalism and the diversity of interests of their employees enable them to enrich the market with innovative solutions such as Proporta Smart, a product range made of environmentally friendly materials.

Improvements in multi-currency use: orders, invoices and delivery notes.

Development of product-associated packaging management.

Despite making an implementation of OpenERP using their own resources, the need to adapt the management program required external developers.

NaN·tic had the opportunity to work with Proporta providing technical support to the ICT department and develop modules to improve the application and process automation, encompassing developments in the areas of purchasing, manufacturing, invoicing and accounting. The most important developments include:

  • Management of product-associated packaging.
  • Improvements and streamlining of multi-currency use: allowing dual currency invoices and allowing association of purchases and delivery notes with different currencies.
  • Supplier warehouse management.
  • Improving the functionality of OpenERP partial configurations.
  • View and update of the latest purchase prices.
  • Automatic notification to customers of events associated with their purchases.