Sant Andreu Salut

Sant Andreu Salut

Sant Andreu Salut is a foundation formed by about 400 professionals and works for the care of people in situations of fragility and their environment, providing them with autonomy, comfort and well-being through a model of comprehensive care.


This hospital makes a high volume of purchases of products from different providers. They are sanitary products, but there are also textile material, cleaning products and many others. All these products end up in a centralized warehouse that distributes them among the different units of the hospital.

Managing staff warned that there was not enough control over these flows of material. They used another program but many times and through an email, the people in charge of each unit asked the warehouse for the material they thought they might need.

The result was that everyone asked for more products and materials than they really needed, and that there was no control or any overview of the management of these internal orders or the stock of the warehouse.

The solution

After carefully analyzing the needs of the client we proposed a system that solved them easily and quickly. It consisted in the implementation of Tryton ERP with its purchasing module to manage purchases from suppliers, control the reception of products and organize the logistics part of the warehouse. And what is more important, rationalize the internal distribution of all this material.

In addition, we thought how we could give added value to the client, which was achieved by creating a web interface integrated in Tryton. So, users could easily access very intuitive online forms to make internal requests for material without having to enter the ERP. This meant a significant reduction of the training effort of users and eliminate the risk of possible errors derived from the misuse of the platform.

Since they have this solution designed and implemented by NaN-tic, the different medical units of Sant Andreu Salut use the online forms to make internal requests and then, responsible for the material assign these products and the range they consider most likely. All orders and deliveries are recorded electronically and centralized in the system, so that at any time you can make a quick inventory of the material that exists, both in the central warehouse, as in each unit of work. Of course, this information also serves to anticipate the needs and adjust the stocks to the real needs of the service.


This has been a relatively simple project. It has not been necessary to make large software adaptations to obtain the results requested by the client, who has been able to keep their processes intact without conditioning the technology. In NaN-tic we always bet on adapting the technological tools to the client, and not expecting that the organization will adjust to the ways of doing foreseen in the tools.

This NaN-tic project has allowed the control of the 55 orders to suppliers and the more than 200 internal movements of material that they made monthly. And we have done it with a system that integrates other tools (such as email) and that can be easily used from the mobile device and without accessing the ERP.

In this way, and acting on a very specific area of ​​the organization, Sant Andreu Salut has been able to assess NaN-tic's way of working and gauge our ability to find simple and efficient solutions in the management of key processes.

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