TEB Cooperative Group

TEB Cooperative Group

TEB Cooperative Group has as its driving motive is social and labor integration for people with intellectual disabilities.

It is made up of eight cooperatives that, based on cooperative values, act to achieve an inclusive life for people with disabilities. The TEB cooperatives have set up five work centers specializing in different activities: packaging and handling, specialized cosmetic and food handling, food manufacturing, paint manufacturing, quality mushroom cultivation, proximity services, delivery, cleaning services, maintenance of gardening, work and maintenance of spaces, with more than 50 years of experience, offering quality products and services. The TEB Group employs almost 1,000 people, of which 650 are workers with disabilities (90% people with intellectual disabilities). They also have almost 200 people with intellectual disabilities cared for in occupational centers and 90 home-residence places and support services for autonomous living. In addition, they promote projects, offer sports activities, facilitate insertion in the ordinary company and other initiatives to support the different areas of a person's life, all so that people with intellectual disabilities occupy the place they deserve in society and have a good quality of life, with the greatest possible autonomy.


The TEB Cooperative Group was already working with an ERP, but the new tax legislation entailed documentary obligations that the previous ERP was not capable of carrying out and, in the words of Elisabet Roman, TEB's quality director, "the entity's complexity required an ERP that could be versatile in the face of the complexity of TEB's various activities."

The solution

The open source Tryton ERP is robust, flexible and customizable enough to satisfy TEB's need to unify and integrate the business management of the different companies that make up the Cooperative Group into a single tool. In addition, having the experience of the NaN-tic consulting team has helped them a lot to adapt the Tryton blocks to the specificities of TEB's operation. According to his assessment: "the implementation of an ERP is very complicated, working with NaN-tic has been easy and its consultants have always been close and proactive towards the needs of the entity. Having consultants who know the business and production environment is very important to be able to speak the same language."


The TEB Cooperative Group decided to take the bull by the horns and integrate operations into an ERP to be more agile, effective and work even better. Because their mission is valuable and it deserves it. Elisabet comments: "As the Cooperative Group is a cooperative made up of 8 cooperatives, we have not yet been able to get them all to work with the new ERP and we have the challenge of finishing the year with the entire entity under the same ERP by 2022." Indeed, integrating the management of different companies is not achieved in a few weeks, that is why at NaN-tic we are proud of the very good work done by all of us, and very grateful for the trust that TEB placed in NaN-tic. We will continue to produce with the highest quality to make possible the goal of having all the cooperatives of the TEB group within the personalized Tryton ERP.

The implementation of Tryton with the development and consultancy of NaN-tic is the key to success in being able to carry out a job as complex as the integration of different companies of the same group. If you also have the challenge of implementing an ERP for different companies and you don't know where to start, don't hesitate any longer - CONTACT US