We create dashboards to understand and boost your business

Automate your company's dashboards with the most relevant data from different types of sources. You will get a quality view of the state of things to make the right decisions. Count on the best specialists in big data for your company.

For any data source

Benefit from visual dashboards regardless of your management program or the source of your data.

Enjoy all the metrics in one control panel. Integrate different databases and combine them to better track your investments: Which relationship is there between ERP sales and investment in Google Adwords?

For any data source
All the information always available

All the information always available

Take advantage of metrics for any business area: sales, marketing, accounting, finance, production, logistics, purchasing, HR, etc.

Enjoy all the information on your computer, mobile or tablet. The dashboard of the company wherever and whenever you want.

Compete with yourself and your rivals. Evaluate the results by comparing data from different periods** and compare them with sectoral results.

With the best specialists

You can benefit from the experience and knowledge of our analysts to determine the KPIs, KRIs, PIs and RIs that are key to your business.

Use the latest techniques in machine learning to make predictions and make the best decisions. Discover opportunities and menaces for your business with data mining and big data techniques.

With the best specialists
Own your own data

Own your own data

Free yourself from sending data to an unknown cloud and don't lose control of key information for your business.

Enjoy the transparency and freedom of a 100% open source solution installed on your own server. |

With real-time information

Enjoy the information just when it's produced to follow the processes that require it. Some statistics that can wait 24 hours, others you have to be continuously updated to save you a lot of money.

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