IES Carles Vallbona

Carles Hilario May 5, 2015

The students of IES Carles Vallbona will work in class as if they were in a real company environment

During the following academic year, 80 students from the administration and management degree will use the same ERP that are using several companies in our country. It will allow a qualitative leap in their training because each student will personally verify the management processes in business and how this tools are designed to automate workflows. It's the main goal of the collaboration agreement signed between the managers of IES Carles Vallbona and NaN∙tic.

This agreement will benefit all students who will use Tryton to simulate business processes and meet the challenges that managers and company directors face everyday. Tryton ERP is done with open source technology, we recommend it to our customers and we are promoting it in different educational centers including the Universitat de Barcelona and the Foundation of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, now we add IES Carles Vallbona.

We are convinced that this agreement will be very productive for both parties.