Carles Hilario Mar 24, 2015

NaN·tic and MBSolutions have agreed to share their knowledge about the techniques that they employ for developing business management software.

SABADELL / FREIBURG – Catalan based company NaN·tic and MBSolutions from Germany announced an aggregation of extensive business and technical collaboration agreement to create, promote and endorse a series of novel solutions based on Tryton, the Open Source software oriented to business management. The agreement aims to ease both knowledge exchanges between the companies as well as managing larger cross-country projects.

Both companies have been contributing to the Open Source community for over 5 years and are already working on similar agreements with other companies in order to improve their and Tryton’s position in an industry as competitive as the Business Management one..

Albert Cervera, one of NaN·tic founders, said: “This agreement is important because it allows us to have access to projects with companies that have offices in other parts of europe, and Germany in particular. It is important for us to be able to offer our customers a service beyond Spanish borders.”. The agreement holds importance for MBSolutions as it will edify the company about the analysis tool used by NaN·tic for data enterprise and the benefits obtained by the customers. Cervera is 100% convinced that “this cooperation will strengthen both companies and, even more importantly, will improve the platform and, therefore, the productivity of the companies that choose to use it.”

MBSolutions CEO, Mathias Behrle, resonated excitement as he said, “This agreement conjoins two companies in the same line of business and intention, which have been working towards the advancement of Tryton and Open Source technology. We are very happy that we could strike an accord with NaN·tic as this collaboration will benefit both the companies and our clients.”

This alliance brings together more than 10 experienced professionals in the field of business management software and strengthens the ability of both companies to face international projects.

NaN·tic (www.nan-tic.com) is a Catalan company based in Sabadell (Catalonia) and formed by young entrepreneurs specialized in software business management solutions. It was founded in 2010 and since then has experienced steady growth thanks to the companies and institutions that have relied on the software and implementation done by NaN·tic.

MBSolutions (www.m9s.biz) was founded in 2007 and is situated in Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). The business segment of the company is to provide small and medium enterprises with sustainable, effective and highly customizable business solutions. The long time experience and commitment in Open Source software provides the basis for thorough and reliable customer projects.