We launch collaboration with the Universitat de Barcelona

Carles Hilario Dec 23, 2014

After years without setting foot in the classrooms, we believe that the return has been worth it. During the month of November, we have been teaching 160 Business Management and Administration students from the University of Barcelona what an ERP is for.

We have carried out the experience within the framework of a seminar on the subject of Business Information Systems and Albert Cervera has been responsible for showing, during three sessions, the interiors of Tryton, our ERP favorite. And since it is made in open source, we have been able to give access to each of the students so that they can face the same reality that managers and directors of companies face every day. In this way, they have discovered for themselves what problems ERP solves and to what extent they are vital to making a company productive and competitive.

The experience has been highly positive for all parties and we have decided to repeat it next year. At the same time, we are also trying to reach similar collaboration agreements with other universities.