Full Text Search

Albert Cervera i Areny Oct 2, 2008

Koo, the KDE OpenObject client has supported Full Text Search for quite some time now. Sadly, it's had very little exposure and not many people know about it. So let me introduce it.

Once installed, the Full Text Search module has to be configured with the fields you want to be indexed in Administration > Configuration > Full Text Search > Indexes. Once you've added all the fields you want to be indexed just execute "Update Full Text Index" in the same menu, and that's it. This will have indexed all existing data and new information introduced will be indexed automatically by a set of triggers created by the module on the database. This means you can even insert records directly to PostgreSQL without fear of making text indexes inconsistent.

Now you can click on the 'Full Text Search' button in Koo to search for any words in any of the indexed fields in any model of the application, including attachments. Double click an item and it will be opened in a new tab.

Using this together with the smart_attach module you can also search inside attached documents information, including images that will be automatically processed with an OCR.

All this, combined with Koo's System Tray functionality, provides a very powerful and easy way for accessing all the information of OpenERP.

The 'full_text_search' server module is included in Koo's bazaar repository so you'll just get it when you download the whole client. You'll also find the 'fts-indexes' module that contains a set of standard preconfigured indexes.

Update: You'll need to configure PostgreSQL in order to be able to use this module.