Albert Cervera i Areny Aug 16, 2008

This is my first blog post registed in planet OpenERP. Indeed this is my first blog post, though I've had my blogger account for more than a year now, so time to start using it.

First of all I wanted to thank Fabien for letting NaN participate in the OpenERP community and planet. I think the Tiny company has certainly improved and understood the role of the community in the project and I expect this to result in a benefit for everyone. As already noted by Pedro, the Spanish community has already organized itself with quite success so far, and more to come!

This blog will mostly be about the KDE client we've been developing at NaN with already some help and feedback from the community. Here we have to thank Ferdinand Gassauer, Jordi Esteve and others for their valuable input and bug-hunting.

We want the client not only to integrate nicely within KDE, but it's been succesfully used under Windows and Mac. I think developers should be particularly interested, because more than a powerful client for OpenERP we want to provide a powerful development environment that extends OpenObject power on the desktop. For such a task it provides a Qt based easy to use RPC library, a Qt Item Model and other interesting stuff of which I will talk in subsequent posts.