Koo 5.0.3 release

Albert Cervera i Areny Jun 26, 2010

At NaN, we're pleased to announce the release of Koo 5.0.3.
This release contains bugfixes and important usability improvements. Including (though not limited to) the possibility of automatically deploying new versions of Koo and proper handling of server disconnection which allows restarting the server without fear of crashing user clients.
Windows Installer, debian packages and source tarball can be found at:
We also provide a changelog that groups all changes we commited since 5.0.2:
Up to date translations for several languages are already included in this release.
Those following jasper_reports module development will also be interested in the zip package and changelog, which not only includes bugfixes and smaller enhancements but also we updated Jasper Reports to version 3.7.3.
The release also includes a bunch of improvements to the auto_attach module which can be used to automate document processing for a company's needs.
Thanks to all contributors that have made this release possible!