Koo 5.0.4: Acciones masivas

Albert Cervera i Areny Nov 24, 2010

Probably the most interesting changes in latest Koo version is the new possibilities operating on a set of records at once:

  • We have integrated the batch updates action, already available in previous releases, in one2many fields (the field type used in partner addresses or sale order lines, for example). This allows setting the same values to all or some of the records at once.
  •  We have introduced a new batch insert action which allows creating several records at once, based on a single many2one field (such as Partner in sale orders or Product in invoice lines). This action, just like batch updates, can be used in one2many fields too.
  • We have also added a new batch button push action which allows pushing a button in several records at once.

The following video demonstrates how these features can be used to improve productivity and avoid repetitive tasks: