Koo 5.0.4 liberado

Albert Cervera i Areny Nov 23, 2010

At NaN, we're pleased to announce the release of Koo 5.0.4.

This release contains both bugfixes and new features, such as massive insertion of records or pushing a button on multiple documents at once. The release also includes powerful custom searches or buttons in tree views (yes, for v5.0 and with an eye on v6.0) as well as the possibility to hide import/export buttons in Form menu. This release is the first one to include support for the new documentation framework and includes several usability enhancements such as new shortcuts or invalid tab indicators:
Windows Installer, debian packages and source tarball can be found at:
We also provide a changelog that groups all changes we commited since 5.0.3:
http://launchpad.net/openobject-client- ... 5.0.4.html
Up to date translations for several languages are already included in this release (German is now available in the installer).

We will be posting some videos and explaining new features in the comming days in our new en/news:
Thanks to all contributors who have made this release possible!