Access database structure from iReport

Albert Cervera i Areny Jun 16, 2011

We have recently added a new feature to jasper_reports module that allows users to have access to fields structure from iReport, avoiding the need of creating the XML file. Note that although the module works with both v5 and v6 this feature will only be available in v6.

Using this functionality is really easy. Simply install latest version of jasper_reports module and in iReport create a new remote XML file datasource. And in XML URL specify OpenERP's XML-RPC URL and append "/jasper/" and the internal name of the model we want to use (in the example "purchase.order").

After that we can add several paramaters, but all of them are optional, because they can be specified in openerp's server configuration file and they also have default values.  Here's a list of parameters available: