Liberación de Koo 5.0.5

Albert Cervera i Areny Nov 5, 2011

We're pleased to announce the fifth release of Koo 5.0. So a big thank you to all contributors and sponsors who have helped make this a better release!

This release has come out many months after the 5.0.4 release and among the long list of changes you can find support for storing view filters in OpenERP v5 and v6, enhanced support for v6, integrated spell checker, support for importing LibreOffice spreadsheets (*.ods), new filter operators for v6 such as 'starts with' and 'ends with' as well as several performance improvements and bugfixes.

Although most jasper_reports users are already using the bazaar version (which we recommend you to follow) we thought it was a good time to release it now too. So in the download page you can also find a new release of jasper_reports module with support for OpenERP v6 (both v5 and v6 are supported by the same module), upgraded to JasperReports 4.0.1 (use iReport 4.0.1 too, later versions are broken) together with other improvements in fixes that you can find in the changelog.

We hope this release will provide an enchanced user experience to all those relying on Koo as their OpenERP client.

We're also very happy third parties are using the Koo Platform for developing their OpenERP extensions. For example, this summer Omnia Solutions presented their Koo-based PLM solution, and we wish them a lot of success!