Integración de Koo con KWallet

Albert Cervera i Areny Jan 3, 2011

Again, a new post about new features in Koo 5.0.5. And again, an addition for those using Koo under the KDE desktop. This time we allowed Koo to take advantage of KDE's wallet manager which allows users storing their passwords and forms in a centralized and secure manner.

KWallet support should be available for you without any configuration provided you have PyKDE installed in your system. If you have it installed and it doesn't work for you, ensure you have the following settings in your ~/.koorc file:

wallet = yes
enabled = True

 optionally you may set wallet = ask, and Koo will ask you each time before saving the password in the wallet:

Koo wil store both username and password for each server and database you may use, and will automatically load and suggest them to you in the initial login dialog.
Koo works perfectly well under Windows, GNOME and other platforms, but gives KDE users a little bit more power.