Vuestro caso de éxito

Albert Cervera i Areny Jun 7, 2011

At the recent Spanish meeting in Lugo (thanks Pexego!) we realized that several of the modules we did are being used in many cases. That makes us very happy, after all one of the advantages of Free Software is that many people can make use of a development and that helps to reduce costs and avoids reinventing the wheel. The only drawback is when things work well because we do not get feedback of who is using our developments and we like to hear they solved problems to other enterprises.

So we decided to start a new initiative in which anyone using any of the developments we started, be it a small OpenERP module, Koo or NanScan and also anyone that has created his own branch of any of them can tell us their story and we will publish it in our website  (with appropriate links or references). It doesn't matter if you just send us a couple of lines or you prefer to get into gory details. It's up to you! Our blog is yours!

If you're interested, send us your story to