What is PostgreSQL?

Carles Hilario Nov 5, 2012

We often speak of our developments but rarely we talk about the technologies on which we base and make them possible. This want introduce about the database manage system used by OpenERP and therefore we use in all our implementations, often the customer doesn't know its name or what it does.

PostgreSQL is the component of the ERP that is responsible for keeping the information a structured manner and allows fast access to your information. As the rest of the components of the install in the customer server, it's free software, such as the operating system (Debian GNU / Linux) or the ERP. Our installations match the following schema:


As with the ERP or the operating system, the fact that PostgreSQL is open source and free doesn't mean a inferior product compares to the proprietary software. In fact, it competes against Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database.

Moreover, several companies have established supplying highly skilled professional services in support of PostgreSQL . Companies like EnterpriseDB or 2ndQuadrant, gives additional services of support on the system, far away NaN┬Ětic knowledge. These companies offer support to important brands as Skype or Amazon, which use PostgreSQL in production environments.

This fact brings us one of the great advantages of open source, small and medium enterprises, have free access to the same technology used by large corporations.

The new versions of PostgreSQL, as the recent 9.2, increase substantially performance of the system and have advanced features such as the replication which is already used by some of our customers. The real time replication allows have a second server with the same information as the main server, in case of failure of the first system, the second server is started in a few minutes without data loss.

Also well known and used, MySQL is the other open source database management system. In our opinion, use PostgreSQL was the best option by OpenERP since PostgreSQL is more complete, very solid, extensible and it doesn't depend only on a company, there are several companies and individual developers that make it progress at an impressive rate.

The problem of the dependence on a single company, has recently been a controversial issue due to the acquisition of MySQL by Oracle (the great competitor!). This is not possible with PostgreSQL as there are dozens of developers from different origins who daily improve the program.

You can find more information about PostgreSQL at its official website: www.postgresql.org.