Talking about new trends in open source business management software (ERPs)

Carles Hilario Mar 31, 2015


The Col·legi d'Enginyeries Tècniques i Grau en Informàtica de Catalunya (COETIC) embraced and helped us to organize a speech about the new trends in open source business management software (ERPs). The activity was held on 11th of March 11 and was attended by computer engineering professional interested in open source alternatives to traditional ERPs.

Unlike other activities we organize, this speech has technical content. It was focused in the architecture behind this type of software and language used. In addition, Albert Cervera detailed technological aspects that make Tryton different from the rest of ERP. Tryton is the ERP we recommend to our customers for their robustness, flexibility and its great capacity for evolution.

After the talk we invited attendees and staff of COETIC a small snack to dialogue and know their point of view and answer specific questions.