We come back to the Parc Tecnològic del Vallès to talk about business management

Carles Hilario May 11, 2015


One year ago we organized a speech at Parc Tecnològic del Vallès, in Cerdanyola, and we all were satisfied enough to repeat it. This time we aimed to offer an approach to business management, especially from a technological point of view.

This allowed us to take a glance to the most important tools that are commonly used in economics that help companies to its daily management, and to highlight those that are made with open source technology. Tools that can be used, modified and distributed without any restriction.

As the open source technology is what we love to talk about, we discussed about the different business models that companies dedicated to this sector have. And we also took a look at the main advantages and disadvantages that these kind of solutions bring to companies. And as we usually do, we explained how to face the process of a tool selection such as an ERP. Let me explain myself, we detailed the questions which must be asked to any ERP supplier to avoid late surprises.

About 20 people from different companies were interested in improving their companies' productivity and management processes, this is the reason why they assisted to the event, led by Albert Cervera.