Tryton ERP and NaN-tic, leading in OpenExpo2017

Marc Redorta Jun 12, 2017

Free software is attracting every day more people. Check it just looking at the expectations raised by OpenExpo 2017, the annual conference held in Madrid on open source, open data and innovation. More than 3,000 professionals from the technological and business sector gathered in the Spanish capital to learn about trends and innovations in sector.

Tryton ERP and NaN-tic, leading in OpenExpo2017

NaN-tic was one of the 200 companies that had presence at the fair with its own stand, and attracting tens of people interested in discovering the functionalities of Tryton and the alternative that supposes to the most traditional and well-known ERPs of the market. So, we take the opportunity to show some of the most attractive features of Tryton ERP, such as the facilities offered to anyone who wants to have an online store integrated in the same web page; or the adaptation of Tryton ERP to facilitate the scanning of products in warehouses with a very low hardware cost (about 200 € versus the classic PDAs that are worth more than 2000 € each).

The participation of NaN-tic in OpenExpo 2017 was rounded off with the talk given by Albert Cervera, founder of the company, on new trends in business management tools in open source. Albert's intervention focused on a review of the different alternatives that exist today in the market in open source ERPs, and explained the reasons why NaN-tic bet on Tryton. The session aroused great interest, to the point that the room with capacity for 50 people became small.

NaN-tic's collaboration with OpenExpo is not new. For more than two years NaN-tic and OpenExpo have had a collaboration agreement to produce and release value-added content related to business and open source. Within the framework of this agreement, numerous articles have been released and The Definitive Guide for Choosing Business Management Software edited by NaN-tic has been published. Albert Cervera also wrote an article on computer security that served to open the e-book Trends Open Source and Free Software 2017, edited by OpenExpo and made from the contributions of 42 experts in open source technologies throughout Spain. Finally, it should be noted that NaN-tic also actively participated in last year's edition of OpenExpo.

The definitive guide for choosing business management software ERP