Jornadas Tryton confirms the growth of the ERP and its community

NaN-tic Jul 3, 2018

Jornadas Tryton 2018 started with the presentation of the new features included on version 4.8 of the ERP, recently released. It was a presentation aimed also at those companies that are considering incorporating Tryton as a business management platform and that wanted to know details of its features and its benefits.

Afterwards, different practical cases of using Tryton have been presented: from a management portal for veterinary clinics to quality control solutions, through the distribution management of agrochemical products or the creation of online stores from the same ERP. The session on Monday was closed with a round table focused on detecting needs.

On Tuesday, June 26, and as has already been done in the two previous editions, the day focused on very technical and programming aspects for experts in Tryton. The development of applications for mobile devices or the possibilities of combining programming languages have been the axes of the presentations.

NaN-tic has actively participated in the organization of the Tryton Days and has carried out several talks and workshops.