NaN-tic bets on the disappearance of "lock-ins" as a technological trend of 2018

Marc Redorta Mar 16, 2018

For second year in a row, NaN-tic contributes to OpenExpo Europe's study of open source technology. This is a document in which 80 experts have participated this year and who want to point out and share the main trends that are being detected in the growing open source technology business.

"Docker in 2018 or the disappearance of lock-ins in the cloud" is the title of the article released by Albert Cervera. NaN-tic's founder focuses on the fact that in recent years many of the companies offering cloud services have incorporated so-called lock-ins or tolls into their business models. These are strategies and/or clauses in contracts that aim to retain customers and discourage potential changes of supplier or even product. Using own formats not compatible with third parties, for example, is one of the most used tactics to trigger the price of any migration to other platforms.

It is no coincidence that according to Bain Cloud Computing Survey, the concern about lock-ins went from 7% to 22% between 2012 and 2015. Nor is it that Gartner has predicted that lock-ins will surpass cybersecurity as main concern of companies in terms of services in the cloud.

Given this scenario, Albert Cervera focuses on companies that offer open and toll-free technology. This is the case of Docker , a company that offers an open source platform based on a container system to guarantee companies absolute technological independence. For Cervera, these new models of providing powerful, flexible services without hidden ties will end dominating the market.

Safety, successful forecast

In the OpenExpo report of the year 2017, NaN-tic placed computer security as one of the aspects to be underlined. The reality ended up giving all the reason to the forecast, with massive attacks to all type of multinational companies and public organisms. In this article, Albert Cervera celebrates that these episodes have served to raise awareness and to encourage the emergence of interesting initiatives to help companies in this topic. One of the most outstanding is SafeUser, an online training platform that explains to the employees of the companies how to adopt preventive measures facing cybersecurity threats.

SafeUser is a company based, as NaN-tic, at Infinitum, a hub highly specialized in the development of technology and communication services for companies.

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