Tryton 5.0 released

NaN-tic Oct 21, 2018

You can now download version 5.0 of Tryton, the 100% open source ERP used by companies around the world for their management. Tryton Foundation has announced the release of this new version that includes many technological and functionalities improvements.

The first thing that stands out from version 5.0 is its new design, both in the desktop application and in the web version. The new design facilitates the usability of the platform and the identification of the different functions. It has also facilitated the possibility of attaching all types of files to any document, a function that until now required excessive intermediate steps.

In terms of specific features, some important developments stand out:

  • Inventory regularization assistant that includes the possibility of establishing a maximum of units per batch
  • Outsourcing of production orders
  • New subscription or service rental manager
  • More flexibility in amortization entries
  • New payment cancellation methods
  • More comprehensive unpaid tracking
  • Simplification of the product creation process
  • ...

The news does not end here. At the technological level, the system has also been reinforced so that many simultaneous users can work without suffering yield reductions; real-time notifications have been enabled between the client and the server; a new user session management system has been incorporated and the functionality of duplicating records has been improved.

Tryton is an open source ERP that was released for the first time in November 2008. Since then it has not stopped growing in functionalities and in the number of organizations that use it as a tool for their business management. At NaN-tic we offer services to deploy Tryton in your company and to adapt it to your management needs. So you can work and manage your business in your own way.