Where innovation is

NaN-tic Nov 7, 2018

Innovation is an essential concept in business management. Companies that don't regularly think about how to improve what they're doing have very little chance of succeeding. And in order to innovate, it is necessary to know what tools are within our reach. For this reason, NaN-tic takes advantage of all the opportunities that appear to better understand how companies will work and be organized in the near future.

One of these opportunities was the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress that recently took place in Barcelona. We approached the congress to get to know the vision of the different actors in the value chain of the capital goods sector, organised around the CEQUIP cluster.

Around the concept of digital transformation, the challenges, opportunities and also the difficulties faced by companies when innovating technologically were presented. 3D printing, augmented reality projects or machine learning are just some of the technologies that favour digital transformation and that were presented during the presentations organised by CEQUIP. Special emphasis was also placed on how consolidated companies can innovate by collaborating with start-ups.

The conclusion of the session was very clear: the digital transformation has come to stay, and companies that do not opt for digitalization will see their survival endangered in a globalized market.

At NaN-tic we help companies organize and manage themselves with innovative, robust and open source technology.