High Availability Service

NaN-tic Nov 3, 2019

How much information enters your ERP in a day? How much of this information would you be willing to lose? We present a new real-time copy service and high availability that guarantees total data recovery at any time.

As companies digitize and automate their processes, the information that is entered and stored in the ERP multiplies. Every day data and documents are incorporated that are very important for the daily functioning of organizations: contacts, budgets, orders, delivery notes, invoices, stock movements, incidents, returns, accounting... A situation that is still more evident in the online shops, in which all processes are generated in an internal circuit without leaving any trace outside the digital environment.

For all these companies, the possibility of losing the information of a single day is a very large, unassuming risk. It can mean economic losses, customer losses, bad corporate image, and many hours of internal efforts to try to mend the situation. In addition, the computer vulnerability is increasing, and cyberattacks are no longer exclusive to large corporations.

Aware that many computer service providers limit their copies to a nightly backup that is stored on a copy server, at NaN-tic we have looked for an alternative. This is our High Availability Service.

The system works simply. Each time the ERP user saves any changes, it is also recorded in the backup. In addition, it is not stored on a copy server, but is stored on different disks, from different servers and from different data centers. This fully guarantees the integrity and security of data and these copies, which can then be accessed through a replica of the original Tryton server, that is, without having to ask for external support.

The technology we use also brings another important benefit. And it is possible to restore the database at any time. That is, we can go back in time and retrieve the exact information we had at a specific time and minute, just before a system crash occurred or that a Tryton user made a mistake in the introduction or data edition.

If you use Tryton and do not want to lose anything you have in your ERP contact us. Shortly we will protect your business and access to all data.