ATTENTION! Digital Kit: Financial aid arrives for Spanish companies that want to go digital

NaN-tic Feb 2, 2022

The Digital Kit is a program of the Government of Spain financed by the European Union with a budget of 3,067 million euros from the Next Generation EU fund.

Companies with between 10 and 49 employees can benefit from the aid of up to 12,000 euros to implement digital ERP solutions such as customer and supplier management, online store, electronic invoicing and accounting, business intelligence, process and production management, document management, logistics, and stock control in the cloud, etc. (ask us for more information!) Aid has also been established for smaller enterprises with less of 10 workers.

Where and how can you apply for grants?

In February the dates for the presentation of the candidatures will be published, the bases are already published here.

Don't miss the train to growth

Companies that have increased their investments in technology such as AI and digital transformation during the pandemic have grown more than their competitors, as stated in the latest Accenture study: "Take the leap and lead"

Better well accompanied

NaN-tic has been certified as a Digitizing Agent of the Digital Kit Program. Therefore we can give you that hand you need to achieve the digitalization of your company.

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