Hypnos is a company that offers services of anesthetists to private hospitals and private consultations. There are cases, such as that of the General Hospital of Catalonia, which has subcontracted all the anesthesiologist service to this company.

The scenario

The system of control, management and billing of the service in this health field does not look like which is used by the vast majority of companies. The employees of Hypnos do not work for hours but they do it for a kind of shifts that they call modules. The modules have different prices that have to be calculated according to the hours dedicated, the type of service provided, the qualification of the professional, the day and time of the week, the final customer... In addition, we must add to these operations elements such as overtime, vacations and casualties.

The final result was that this complex calculation of prices of fees, of payrolls of the employees and of invoices to the clients was done through spreadsheets. An extraordinarily laborious work and subject to possible human errors in the introduction of data and the establishment of formulas.

The solution

Today there are no tools in the market that allow the management of this type of healthcare resources and, therefore, it was necessary to plan and design a totally customized system.

The approach made from NaN-tic has gone through assembling a system based on multiple rules and that is very flexible, to the point that it meets any need of Hypnos in this area of ​​human resources management and billing. The solution applied calculates automatically and without errors what should be charged to each client and paid to each employee or supplier. Even the system filters any duplicity considering that some Hypnos anesthetists do jobs paid directly by a hospital.

In parallel we have also thought about how to simplify the introduction of all this data to the system to avoid administrative work and possible errors. The solution has been to develop an app that allows anesthetists to directly enter the work done from their phone. This work should only be validated before Tryton makes the relevant calculation and sends it to the agency to complete the final procedures.


This has not been a simple project. We have had to raise all possible cases and establish a system of rules that are as robust as they are flexible to guarantee the correct calculations and the perfect functioning of the solution.

But the result responds totally to the philosophy of NaN-tic, that we bet to adapt the technological tools to the needs of the client, and not vice versa. Internal processes remain intact but with much less work for the company and no margin for error.

The development of the app for mobile devices has made it possible to round out the project and provide facilities to all the parties involved in the process we have automated. In addition, having all the data well structured, now you can apply the business intelligence tool to obtain very interesting parameters linked to the profitability and efficiency of each employee, customer, year or any other parameter of interest.

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