NARABIS Headquartered in Asunción, Paraguay, it offers IT services in Latin America. Specifically, consulting and management system for agribusiness, retail and wholesale businesses with Internet sales, importers and exporters, service companies, and construction companies, among others. Its technological solutions range from Business Intelligence, Ecommerce, and Project Management. It also expands its ERP products with outsourcing services, providing companies that need it with a comprehensive customized business management software service with a team of professional consultants and key users specialized in finance and technology.

The scenario

When we started working with NARABIS, we found an experienced team in consulting and accounting that came from SAP, in addition to being a company within the legal framework of Paraguay, which affected the accounting and billing modules. They wanted to move towards a more custom development system and so they contacted NaN-tic interested in open source ERP software. For both, them and the solutions they offer to their customers. To begin with, the accounting block had to be adapted to a South American country. In addition, the agricultural management module that NaN-tic had developed had to be adapted to a vertical solution for agribusiness clients of NARABIS in Latin America, since these are its main target.

The solution

After studying the legal framework of accounting specific to Paraguay, we develop the modules adapted to your needs. This is the case of the multi-sequenced billing module by Timbrado. Paraguay uses an official validity number for invoices called "Timbrado", this validation lasts a certain time and is valid for a certain number of invoices. (Example: stamp 14555952 - quantity from 0001 to 0399 - dates from 01/01/2021 to 12/31/2021.) Invoices are managed from sequences to be able to have several stamps, then a Journal is created for each location/ different company/invoicing… And in that journal, the invoice sequence is modified each time the ringing is renewed. In addition, the module developed to measure has a menu called Stamps to be able to have the different stamps that have been used and to be able to inform about the rest of the necessary fields for each stamp. In this menu, the different stamps are registered, indicating the number of stamps, the company, point of dispatch, establishment, start and end dates, the sequence that will be used (the same that we have indicated in the Journal), and from where the sequence starts up to where. This is just a small sample of the customization of custom modules for the client, according to their characteristics and needs, which is very powerful with Tryton if you have an expert team of analysis, design, and development of ERP software such as NaN -tic.


The NaN-tic and NARABIS tandem is in very good health and has projections for the future. We continue to offer a development service for client environments in NARABIS, and thus they offer technological solutions, consultancy, and professional outsourcing, especially for one of the main industrial sectors in Paraguay, agriculture

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