Planetronic is a young company founded in early 2008 devoted to online sales of specialized hardware. In a few years it has become a leader in its field and one of the largest suppliers in Spain with over 36,000 items sold every year.

Online store with over 40,000 references and 1,000 orders per month.

The position they have acquired requires them to have the latest developments in the field and deliver them to customers in the shortest time possible. Currently they have a catalog with over 40,000 products that are constantly changing and evolving and the capacity to deliver orders within 24 to 48 hours.

The company has always been aware of the need for a technological partner capable of implementing an ERP perfectly synchronized with their online store and to adapt the management program to her constant changes required by the market. Their choosing NaN┬Ětic with our development and support services on OpenERP has allowed performing significant customizations and adaptations, such as:

  • Improvements in the management of a catalog of over 40,000 references.
  • Supplier stock control.
  • Automation in the creation of shipping labels.
  • Automation of customer communication.
  • Enhancements in connector with web page.
  • Support and guarantee.