We innovate adapted ERP solutions for you and thanks to you

Our business activities began in 2008. We wanted to add our knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the development and growth of open-source software. At first, we worked with OpenERP, which is one of the most popular open-source business management solutions, however, since 2012, we have been using Tryton, as our goal is to offer the best ERP solution adaptable to your business.

At NaN-tic we are convinced of the advantages of cooperation. Our work contributes decisively to the evolution of Tryton business management software, while aiding the platform’s user and developer community.

The enhancements we provide to this program are based on direct experience with our clients. Each new version of the software includes features and improvements that respond directly to the demands of companies like your own.

NaN-tic also adds the improvements our clients request, with the creation of our own software, a service that we provide free of charge.

Because we aim to make your life easier.