Quality control

Àngel Àlvarez Serra Sep 19, 2012

Today we will review our Quality Control module for OpenERP, updated to version 6 where we have added some interesting features.

The Quality Control module is a generic module that allows us to do any quality control system to different models manually (without being integrated into the ERP processes). Next weeks we will present other modules that automate and integrate quality control in the production lots or in the pickings.



  • Method: The different methods available to test.
  • Proof:  The test to check. We have two types of proof: Qualitative: The result is a descriptive term such as color, flavor, etc. Quantitative: The result is a numeric value.
  • Possible Values​​ Values ​​or terms that we can choose as a result of qualitative proof.
  • Synonyms: Different names for the same test.
  • Test references: The various models of the application which can apply a quality proof.
  • Template: The set of proof to be used in a test.

For those who have not tried the module in previous versions, we will show the basic operation of the Quality Control module with an example that includes a qualitative proof and a quantitative proof.

  • We begin by defining the possible values ​​of the qualitative proof.
  • We define the different methods.
  • And the different proof to do.
  • An example of qualitative proof.
  • And an example of quantitative proof.

After setting the previous values​​, we start to define the test to be performed.


In this example we define a generic test applicable to any model, in this case the model Company. We also have the possibility of creating a template for a specific model, so if we specify that the template is related, we would select the Company and the Company model on which to apply the template.


One of the news in the update for OpenERP 6.0 has been the creation of the field formula to display the result of a proof. To define the formula should you only have to use the name of the lines as operands. In the example, we can link the proof result with the value of the line of pregnancy. Similarly, we could link the field with the result of the formula: (Pregnancy + Pregnancy2 * Temperature) / pregnancy, but it have not sense.

A practical example: the formula field has been used in one of our customers, dedicated to artificial insemination, to calculate the resulting dose according to the values ​​of quality tests made in each extraction.

Once finished the definition of all previous parameters, we only need pass the test. We must create a new test and the relationship with the company, we press "Select Template" and choose the test we need. The different lines will be automatically filled depending on the selected template.


The we only need to fill the test lines. In this case, it is not necessary to fill all the test lines as there is a test with two methods, only completing the test method is used, the quality test result "Success"

The last step is the validation of the test. and supervisor approval if necessary.


You can download this module at github